Blend surface not accept some edge

Blend surface in v6 does not accept all the edges (especially the red ones). Rhino 5 ok. They tell me that you can not select all the continuous edges, rhino does not recognize those in red.


the order in which the edges have to be provided to the BlendSrf command changed in Rhino 6. To make it accept multiple edges, run the command and click on the ChainEdges option, then select the first set of edges, once done use ENTER and select the second edge, or use ChainEdges again to select a set of edges.

If this does not work, please post a file with the failing edges marked so the problem is reproducable.


Spoke too soon, here is one example where it indeed fails to append a splitted edge of the cylindric surface:

BlendSrf.3dm (58.9 KB)

@pascal, why do i get the ChainEdges and Edit option only when running the BlendSrf command the first time ? After running it once, i do not get those options anymore.


Was sent to me this file: controlled you. Thank you.
v6 blend srf.3dm (135.0 KB)

Hi Clement, I’ve just been looking at this - it seems wrong on both counts, to me. Still poking.