Blend Srf Creates More Complex Surface in v6 WIP

I have already had some tech support re this but it was suggested to post to the forum. In this example using Blend Srf in v5 and in v6 gives a different result - the v6 result being compromised with 6 extra cv’s in U direction.

Anyone else seeing anything like this?

WIP 6.0.17052.4301, 21-Feb-17

Phil - SimplyRhino UK

20170227_Blend_Srf.3dm (410.3 KB)

That’s really strange, it works ok if you put a ruled surface between the edges and then match them in.

I think I remember someone else having a similar issue and it was down to how the trim edges of the main surfaces were created. In his case it was due to a VSR command he was using.



Hi Phil - for now, use ‘Remove shapes’ and delete the extra handles that are in the middle of the blend to get the simple variety. I’ll see if I can find out why this is the default (Extra handles) I used to know…


Hi Phil - more churn about that here:


Here’s another example where v6 creates a really complex solution compared to v5.

Phil Cook

Hi Phil - Yeah, that does not look so good - if it is still doing this in the current WIP, please send me the surfaces, I’ll get it on the pile…