Blend surface incorrect?

“BlendSrf” command.
Option: concatenate the edges.
The blend does not run properly at the discontinuity points in the edges of the surfaces.
I would not want to be wrong … but if I remember correctly, Rhino 5 in those cases did well … or am I wrong?
blend surface incorrect.3dm (441.2 KB)

Can anyone control this blend?

The problems are the same in Rhino 5. What you can do is on one half BlendSrf and the second half Sweep2.

Thanks Menno, In cases like this one should make sense of blendSrf, if two sides are done right away, but if so many discontinuous tracts you lose too much time.
I would be curious to know what the developer thinks, Lowell Walmsley, if I’m not mistaken. Software should be upgraded, you can not leave everything (or almost) as it was before!

What do you think about it?