Blend Curve: Possible to snap to a crossing curve? V5/V6[Solved] (Use Point option)


Doing a blend curve to use network srf to cap up and end.
I was wondering if there is any way to make the curve stop at where the
curve intersects the first blended curve. or stop at a point/surf,
Allowing to go strait to netsrf.

Or I can split the surface in half the use blend srf, but thought I’d have more
control wiith the networksrf.

Currently split curve at the middle, selecting 2control points of the splitted curve and moved to snap to the crossing curve.
I guess this is simple enough… but if possible to snap while doing blend curve that’ll be great.

Point to create a point where you want the blend curves to end.
BlendCrv and select the first curve. Then activate the “Point” option in BlendCrv and select the point created above. This creates a blend curve which ends at the point.
Repeat BlendCrv to create the other blend curve.
Match the two blend curves to degree desired. Use Average option so both blend curves are altered together.

To use BlendSrf without splitting the surface, SplitEdge the edges of the surface to be blended.
Then BlendSrf with AutoChain=No selecting the two split edges as the edges to be blended.

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Thank you @davidcockey, didn’t realize there was a point option.
Just was looking at the pop-up.

Hi Toshiaki - wish added, thanks.