Blend curve anchor points

Hi Rhino forum, A question on Blend Curve.
Here’s an example , 2 parallel lines drawn, next would want Blend curve somewhere between the ends (Anywhere along the lines) , let’s say midpoint to make it easy. Blend curve wants to go to the ends( as expected I would guess). I went through a couple of the options without any success. What am I not doing right to get the start point to be where I choose and not the curve ends? Maybe using the wrong tool? - thanks for any feedback,Mark

you are doing nothing wrong, simply drag the endpoints to where you want them to go-

Hi @markintheozarks

That should indeed work.

Even if CurveEnd option is set by default, it is normally possible to pick the blend start point and relocate it elsewhere later.

If I am not wrong, it is a two step procedure.

  • One click on the blend start point to locate it
  • One more click to relocate it.

Rodolfo Santos.

Hi Kyle, would it be bad to pick the place you want the curve to start vs the tool saying I am going to the end of the curve? I am sure someone has spent some time to make it the way it is.—Mark

Thanks Santos, in the example you provide, it works great. What if you curves are 70” long, I have to run back 70” to find the ends to move them. A small pain, but doable. —-Mark

I stand corrected, in v7 there is an option for pick point vs crv end-
(30 years of rhino and I’m STILL learning stuff)

simply change the style and your wish is granted! :slight_smile:


I would choose to relocate it manually and snap to the End Point, I find this strategy more secure.

Rodolfo Santos

I see that now, Kyle. Thanks I tried it in V6 and couldn’t get it to work. Glad V7 it is working
Tried it again in V6 . Works fine there too. My dope!

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