BlendSrf Input

Hi. Has it ever been discussed in BlendSrf to have the option of using points as input? So the surface edge I am blending to, from yellow, instead of running split edge at the red points, then blending, to select the second edge to blend to, and the points on that edge to blend between?

Just would save the typical blendsrf mess where you tuck the points back in from each side.

Would that make sense?

Maybe something like:

Pick first Edge: (ChainEdges Edit BetweenPoints)

Pick start and end on first edge: (Enter to proceed once happy)

PickSecondEdge (ChainEdges)

Pick start and end on second edge: (Enter to proceed once happy)

you can drag the handles to adjust the start and end range of the blend-

Thanks Kyle - it’s okay I already know how to drag the handles back. My issue was that it makes using blendsrf very tiresome when you always get a huge chunk of mess first on a complex model and have to find where the end have shot off to. A much more explicit version of blendsrf would go a long way I feel.

I think it is this -