Bongo doesn't work in Rhino 7

It seems impossible to add / edit transformation. Bongo claims that no keyframe is selected:


@tobias - Would you be able to share a model showing this problem? I’m not able to reproduce it on my machine.

bongo.3dm (244.0 KB)

It also seems bongo is messing up the undo stack… Im glad I saved before going back to send you the model

@tobias - Your model works fine here.

What version of Bongo 2 do you have installed?
The BongoAbout command should give you the splash screen with the version date.

Here you go


@tobias - Can you also send me your system information? (SystemInfo command).

SysInfo.txt (3.0 KB)


The 3 keyframes in your model are ‘empty’, i.e. they contain no animation data whatsoever.
In the Keyframe Editor there is an option “Only show animated parameters”, to be found under ‘Default’.
You probably had this option checked.
Since there is not any parameter animated, there is nothing to show. Indeed in this case the message the message should better be “In this keyframe there is no data to show”.

Unchecking the “Only show …” option will give you access to the various parameters.


Ha Luc, that fixes it. I had that option checked. I never knew about that option and I guess I have never ever clicked on Default. So I do ask myself why this option is On by default? If I click the “Rest to default” arrow it’s on again. That shouldn’t be the default IMHO…

But thanks anyway. All is well now

gr, Tobias

You’ve sure got a point concerning the default.
And indeed, the option is well hidden. I guess we better take a look to find a more manifest visualization.


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