Can not edit tweening in keyframe editor in bongo 2 for V6


I can not edit the tweening method from the drop down in the keyframe editor, 3d tweening is disabled, however the box remains greyed out. I can right click on a point on the curve editor and change it per point on curve, but this is very cumbersome. This used to work. Am I missing something? Note that if I toggle the check box on/off on one of the object transforms (X, Y or Z) the tweening gui becomes usable. This looks like a bug, but maybe I’m doing something not expected. I’m using Rhino 6 with the 2/9/18 Bongo release. Here is a video showing this issue/

Bongo Tweening Help
(Luc Adriaenssen) #2

Indeed this is a bug. It only occurs in Rhino 6 (not in v5). When an object is newly animated (whatever method is used) the Tweening section in the keyframeeditor remains grayed-out.

I’ve made an entry in the bug tracker. Thank you for reporting.


Yes, v6 issue, not v5. Thanks. Is Bongo not using a public bug tracking system like Rhino so I can check the status and bother you if it’s not making progress?

(Luc Adriaenssen) #4

Bongo uses the same bug tracker as Rhino. Here is the link to “your” bug.


when I click on the issue link I see a “you do not have permissions” page on jetbrains. Is there any status update on this bug? it makes bongo for v6 unusable for me

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #6

You can view the issue now. There hasn’t been any movement on the issue yet.


Having the same issue here. Tying to make work a workaround inside the curve editor. The tweening mode can be changed but it is a bit tedious. Looking forward to updates on this issue.