Help: Bongo 2 UI get particular lost


I’m working on an animation per Rhino 8 and Bongo 2 (Bongo 3 WIP isn’t supported by V-Ray) and at the moment I can’t edit the postion values of my animation anymore. What can I do?

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Maybe it’s a Rhino 8 bug and can be fixed soon. :wink:

Here a part of my project file (R8|B2) where the problem can be seen.

If I save the file for Rhino 7 and open it there than it works.

Bongo (2.7 MB)

Hi Micha,

Are you sure that you are using Bongo 2.0 in Rhino 8? As far as I can see the BongoVersionsSwitch doens’t support Rhino 8 (yet)

In my experience Rhino 8 simply uses Bongo 3, regardless the setting in de switch.
Have a look at the right end of the timeline
When it shows these buttons… it’s Bongo 3.0

Maybe @Joshua_Kennedy can help use out?

Hi Luc,

it’s Bongo 2. The time line and the about window shows Bongo 2.

The missing options were visible and usable for a while, but then they disappeared. Please open my example file - can you see them? Or … the problem is that you can’t switch to Bongo 2, right?

Right. When I switch to Bongo 2 Rhino 8 stubbornly uses Bongo 3 !?!? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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The situation is that Chaosgroup is not offering V-Ray for Bongo 3 as long as it is WIP. That is why I have not installed and used Bongo 3 for a long time. And since it seems as if there is no deadline until Bongo 3 is ready, it is uninteresting for daily work and actually Bongo 2 should work cleanly. We need someone who can test Bongo 2.

On the other hand - Bongo 3 is quickly uninstalled and Bongo 2 installed. :wink:

But I am fundamentally considering whether it makes sense to use Rhino 8 already or whether it is not too unstable.

Good hint indeed: uninstalling 3.0 brought 2.0 in Rhino’s WIP… and …. I got the same issue you originally started this topic for. Also a new file gives the same fault. A bug indeed.

And yes, I was wondering why do you (absolutely) wanted to use the WIP. You should consider whether you need any of its new features.

I used the WIP because the nice looking object based clipping, but since it can be done at render time per V-Ray I will jump back to Rhino 7.

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I dug in somewhat deeper into this matter.
I found that when Rhino WIP 8 is opened for the first time after it is installed it looks for available plugins. When both Bongo 2.0 as 3.0 are installed the version set by BongoVersionSwitch at that time is ‘initiated’. Later-on that ‘initiated’ version is as used whatever the setting is in BongoVersionSwitch.

I filed a YouTrack issue.

One important reason is that my final rendered animation works with partially cut away objects and I don’t like to render previews with V-Ray because it takes much much longer. A preview based on the viewport is already very fast and useful for assessing the quality of sequences.

Maybe I’ll be lucky and Rhino8 will get an update pretty soon that fixes the missing UI of Bongo 2. Is there a chance? What do you think?

That is completely out of my hands. I’ll ping @Joshua.

Do you mean the clipping plane feature?

Apparently the issue is known and will certainly be worked on at some point in the future.
Rhino 8 is actually Rhino WIP and using a WIP means ‘to have a lot of patience’ (and also a bit of luck). :wink:

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