Bicycle frame - started with multipipe

Is there a thread about it? Basic lowdown? Do we essentially have numerically controlled creasing for transitions?

basic function:
pick an interior edge, type sharp, pick variable or not and enter values.

Selsharp to see what edges have been sharpened.

Uncrease to get rid of sharps.

Beautiful work. Do you have any tutorials you’ve been following for the creasing, or are you willing to share any parts of your model? I’ve been struggling to achieve similar shapes.

Hi Nico -

Just to make sure, the command that is being talked about here (Sharp) hasn’t been available in any versions prior to this week’s WIP release. This is a brand new way of creating soft creases.

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Hi Nico,

the first two pictures are created without Sharp. I used crease at the bottom bracket. Third shows the fine change by Sharp with the current WIP 8 release. Without this command, I would use crease and later generate the small rounds in Nurbs with fillet. Of course, it is much better if you can do that in Subd. You can easily create an extensive shapes with this WIP version yourself.

I use different help to position the Vertexs well. The design is still at the beginning.

Thanks - I am not on that version yet.


cheers for the design :heart_eyes:.

you like sharp edge on soft surface,no problem, but i can suggest place it somewhere that may not collide with the bicycle run knee.if this is an industry design i will suggest keep going with tension analyze too(if so i can give it a test with Autodesk Inventor).

good luck.

Do you mean this area? Static problem, or … ?

By the way, because I just see it again. Why cut the clipping plane endless? I scale them extra in a certain

The bicycle is a concept. I make the design to test the limits of SubD. There are still some changes coming when I build the rear suspension. In the front I will build an upside down fork made from carbon fiber

I think for testing the limits of subD you will not get proper feedback from Rhino normally, also SubD , Curves or Mesh is strong enough to do the bicycle frame.
If the design is concept, whatever it could be as idea and I highly recommend to add other part one by one that will increase interest instead of focusing one part.
If it gonna be at stores then the process seems a little bit different , for example you should consider which part will fail in wind tunnel? Or for tension as a rule of thumb rounded square will be stronger then circle or square itself.

The clipping plane as i know in most modeling software is an infinite, but others may help in forum how it could be limited.

Hi Tobias -

That’s how they work.
I’ve added this thread to feature request RH-3952 Clipping Objects

Hi Wim,
I just read that there are already optimizations.

I think that makes sense. In my example the size limit still remains useful.

Thank you. Greetings, Tobias

Any updates on this model? I’d love to se the final result!