Bevel Gears: Copy, Rotate Cut Out - Is There an Easier Way?

I’m designing a bevel gear for 3D printing.
I’ve designed a profile in Illustrator and imported it as a .dxf then revolved it to make the solid shape of the gear.
I’ve imported a single tooth profile as a dxf and extruded it to a point at 45 degrees. I’ve then copied the elongated tooth profile to the clip board.
Using Boolean2Objects I’ve cut out the first tooth.
Then I’ve repeated pasted the elongated tooth profile, rotated it by increments of 10 degrees and usied Boolean2Objects to cut out the next tooth.
This process works but needs to be repeated 36 times for a 36 tooth gear.
Is there an easier way that I could use?

You can use ArrayPolar to copy the tooth profile 36 times. If the normal direction of the profile is correct you can use BooleanDifference to do the cutting operation in one go.

Thanks Win, That worked perfectly!