Helical Gear tutorial?




Is anyone aware of a guide for creating helical gears?



Can you just show us a precise picture of what you want to achieve ?


This first pic shows a fancier gear than I need but it appears to have been done in Rhino.

This second example is what I am trying to do.



You could probably just extrude the gear profile straight, then sub-object select one face and rotate it around center the desired number of degrees…

Not sure it creates the exact helical gear profile, but it looks OK and sure is quick…

Otherwise you can copy the gear profile up the width of the gear, rotate the desired angle relative to the original, and Loft between the two profiles; Cap to make solid and then add details like center bore, etc.



nope… the faces of the teeth are twisted like that because the profiles should be perpendicular to tooth perimeter or whatever you call that.

i think if one extrudes one of those teeth up and simply shears it then using ArrayCrv along a circle then array and extrude the circle and boolean union them together… here a less fancy try out.

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And here is the question do you want bevel one or spiral ?

From picture i assume it is just skewed bevel one - is it ?