Simple?, but hard to model?

Hi, I was trying to change some measures of this bracket that a friend did for me in SolidWorks. So I started from scratch, taking the profil-curves, changed the measures and when I am about trimming away for the small “hook” I just cant imagine how to make this, and how to make it so that it is a closed poly-surface after trimming. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
PerVäggfäste.STEP (122.8 KB)

I don’t think it’s all that hard. One way to do it would be to extract the profiles from top and sides, then re-extrude the main body in two parts instead of one. Then Boolean split off the parts you don’t want, re-cut the various holes and fillets using solid ops and finally union the two parts back together… I didn’t modify anything from the original because I didn’t see what needs to be done, but basically you want to modify the profiles in curve form first, then cut the extrusions…


Per-Bracket.3dm (1.0 MB)

First I would extract profil curves :

Then Extrude the geometry :

And finally, Boolean operation :

There is still one piece to cut :

Then it’s done :

Kind of the same as Mitch :wink:

Mitch & BaptisteC
Thank you so much! I dont know what happened, total brain melt down!! Ofcourse I can do it in separate objects and then boolean them together…
Great kudos to you!