Beta test RhinoPhysX?

Hi all,

I’ve just finished up an alpha release for RhinoPhysX - a plugin that aims to bring PhysX functionality to Rhino. Feel free to test it out! I’d love to hear of any bugs or crashes, etc…I’m sure there are many.

More info here…


Looks very interesting. How does it fit with McNeel’s Bongo?

Looks cool, great to see this being done in Rhino. You do this with “real objects” or in a display conduit?

Display conduits all the way! Otherwise Rhino has to recreate all the geometry at every frame - which computationally isn’t actually that bad. The problem is that it messes with all sorts of things (like the undo stack) and custom previews.

Display conduits have their challenges, though…like selecting objects.

Here’s a video of 10k cloth vertices with CUDA acceleration…

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Not bad. Is your adaptation of PhysX to Rhino set up to interact with Nurbs objects or just meshes created from objects?

The short version is that no, PhysX doesn’t understand Nurbs objects.

However, RhinoPhysX is set up (or will be) so that you can attach a PhysX collider object to any Rhino Object - Nurbs or otherwise. This means that you can have any Rhino Object flying around as part of a rigidbody simulation, but collision detection will only happen at the collider object level (which must be a collection of meshes).

For the next release, I hope to implement some approximation commands, i.e. something like this:

This kind of thing might be better suited for a grasshopper plugin, though.

New RhinoPhysics alpha available here! It’s still very much a WIP, but this release features a totally custom PhysX implementation for Rhino. Also, the wrapper can easily be used by other developers for GH/Rhino physx work in either .NET or C++.

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That looks cool!

There’s any specification about the version to use? On my old fx2800, the first alpha, wasn’t working.

Hi, how do you reset the simulation?

Run “rpInitialize” again. This actually resets the whole scene, i.e. you’ll have to add the actors again.

I’m working on a reset feature that just puts the objects back to their original positions.

Also, you can hit “Esc” to pause/unpause the simulation.

I tried but the simulated dynamic object from the previous simulation is still visible, is this normal?

Hmm, “rpInitialize” should wipe out the existing objects. Sounds like something crashed.

Try closing Rhino and double clicking the RhinoPhysics rhp icon. Rhino will probably say that the plugin is already loaded, but just close that warning and try running another simulation.

Yes, thanks Daniel now it works! :wink:
I made some button bitmaps if someone need:

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Every time i run a simulation and then use rpinitialize to try something different i get a big 'ol crash. This happening to anyone else? Also, a few questions:

  1. Do you want bugs logged on this thread?

  2. Any chance of adding an “inelasticity” factor to collisions? It would be nice to be able to dampen to arrive at a good result sooner.

  3. I cant add nurbs objects per se, i have to explicitly mesh them first. Seems like you mentioned this shouldn’t be necessary. Is that implemented yet?

As Daniel mentioned try closing Rhino and double clicking the RhinoPhysics rhp icon to start Rhino. Seems it works fine in this way when starting Rhino from RhinoPhysics rhp icon.

Hi there,

Yes, bug reports are welcome! Please send to support at meshconsultants dot ca.

This plugin has a huge potential, the usage of my cpu when running the cpu simulation is very low (10 - 20%)