New RhinoPhysX release!

Yep, after far too much time (and quite a few false starts), a new release of RhinoPhysX is available.

In this release:

  • Complete joint creation overhaul. You can do pretty complex kinematic structures.
  • Ability to pick conduit objects
  • Fun interaction tools! Just click and drag on stuff to move it around. Double click to freeze things.
  • Size base massing (i.e. bigger objects are heavier by default).
  • (WIP) compound convex decompostion with VHACD and OpenCL. This feature isn’t working so well yet…

And, probably most exciting of all, it comes bundled in a nice installer!

I’m working on some more “fun” features and documentation, but I thought I’d put this out there for anyone who wants to test it out.


@jody, can you “blog” this?

For those that were having trouble downloading from our site - the problem should be fixed now.

Also, it wouldn’t be a release if I didn’t find some obvious bugs. I’ll be updating the build over the next couple days.

Is RhinoPhysX for general users, or just for developers?

Can we move this to the Rhino for Windows category?

Yes, Rhino for Windows probably makes more sense.