New Rhino WIP Available


(Brian Gillespie) #1

Rhino WIP 2016-11-15 is now available.

This WIP includes:

  • Several bug fixes to Text and Leader commands
  • Support for Stacked/Baseline Dimensions
  • Several fixes to support High DPI displays in Grasshopper
  • Installing on Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 works again.
  • Several improvements to GHPython.
  • And More…

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How to switch off the start window?
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Server Error
(Brian Gillespie) #2

You might see the beginnings of a new feature leaking in: Login to Rhino.

But it doesn’t work, so I recommend you stay away - we’ve disabled it on the server end, so even if you discover it in Tools->Options->Licenses->Change your License, or the Help->About Rhino, it won’t work.

Next week we’ll have something for you to try - and we’ll tell you more about it. Until then, the goal is to add the ability for you to manage your licenses online and log into Rhino from any computer to use your license. It will allow for floating licenses, and working offline (like being on an airplane or without internet).

But like I said, we leaked some parts in that don’t work quite yet, so hold tight until next week.

(Brian Gillespie) #3

Rhino WIP 2016-11-22 is now available.

This WIP includes:

  • Annotation object types that now support rich text: DimRotated, DimAligned, DimCurveArea, DimCurveLength, and DimAngle
  • Raytraced: shadow-only ground plane causes indirect lighting
  • Many changes under the hood to OpenGL viewport drawing - you shouldn’t notice anything better or broken yet - but please report any problems you see.
  • SmartTrack: Cursor tooltips should track over existing geometry
  • SSAO shadows create black edge on revolved surfaces when viewed straight on
  • And More…

Download Now and report any problems on this forum.


(Brian Gillespie) #4

Rhino WIP 2016-11-29 is now available.

This WIP includes:

  • Sun shadow appears on ground plane again
  • Metal materials render properly in Rendered viewports
  • EMap analysis mode looks correct in Shaded mode
  • Objects in Arctic display mode are not pure white, so they now separate from the background.
  • Crash fixed in Object Properties panel for Text
  • ViewCaptureToFile is much faster
  • And more…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

MeshFromPoints V6
(Brian Gillespie) #5

Rhino WIP 2016-12-06 is now available.

This WIP includes:

  • MeshFromPoints command now ships with Rhino
  • Make2D Progress reporting is more granular
  • Bug fixes to BlendSrf and OffsetSrf
  • Raytraced mode works in VMWare by disabling OpenCL
  • MacroEditor command has been rewritten and UI updated based on Rhino for Mac
  • Cursor tooltip shows “Apparent int” when an apparent intersection osnap is active
  • ViewCaptureToClipboard and ViewCaptureToFile scripting options improved
  • And more…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #6

Rhino WIP 2016-12-13 is now available.

This WIP includes:

  • Annotation: DimRecenterText works on new Dim objects
  • Display: Arctic mode honors transparency settings
  • Display: Raytraced ground plane is no longer shown on wallpaper
  • Display: Rendered mode shadow only ground plane looks correct when viewed through a transparency map
  • Print: Support higher resolution raster output
  • Render: Custom render setting sections do not work modally
  • Rendering: Materials - Texture naming is easier to use
  • Rendering: Texture mapping - No repeat setting for texture mapping displays incorrectly
  • ViewCaptureToClipboard: Image size gigantic
  • ViewCaptureToFile: Additional command line options shown
  • And more…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #7

Rhino WIP 2016-12-20 is now available.

This WIP includes:

  • Several improvements for Grasshopper UI on High DPI monitors
  • It’s a light week as many of us are on holiday
  • And more…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #8

Rhino WIP 2016-12-27 is now available.

This WIP includes:

  • It’s a light week as many of us are on holiday
  • Pullback to cylinder is improved
  • Wrong message in the GroundPlane panel for Raytraced mode
  • Keyboard shortcuts only accept one letter in Rhino MAC
  • CollapseMeshFacesByEdgeLength - dialog won’t come up
  • And a few more…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #9

Rhino WIP 2017-Jan-03 is now available.

This WIP includes:

  • It’s a light week as many of us were on holiday
  • Meshes with false colours are drawn completely black in Grasshopper previews.
  • Several crash bugs fixed
  • And a few more…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #10

Rhino WIP 2017-Jan-10 is now available.

This WIP includes:

  • Annotation: this release includes a major upgrade to all the annotation creation commands.
  • CurveBoolean: several improvements to CurveBoolean including a new option to output planar surfaces
  • Lots of additions to the RhinoCommon .NET SDK
  • ViewCaptureToFile: several bug fixes
  • Display: many improvements to display
  • Cycles: many improvements to raytraced display
  • FBX file export now embeds textures
  • Details and more enhancements…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #11

Rhino WIP 2017-Jan-17 is now available.

This WIP includes:

  • Annotation:
    • 3dm File I/O: Move dimstyle override storage to ON_V6_Annotation
    • Add options for setting named dimstyle to -Properties for Angular dimensions, Leader, Text
    • DimOrdinate mirror problem
    • DimRecenterText changes dimension measurements from model space distances to layout space distances
    • Dimensions and text conversion from V5
    • Dragging Layout Dimtext scales the value
    • Editing Dimension text changes distance from model space to layout space distance
    • Editing very very slow in Properties
    • Error making new annotation style
    • Layout space Ordinate dims have wrong values
    • Make new Dimensions that use CRhinoRichText
    • Ordinate dimensions don’t use ModelSpaceScale to draw text
    • Radial dimensions use the dimension arrow size but should use the leader arrow size
    • RText - Font changes to Arial when start typing on Chinese Windows
  • Crash when selecting color for custom backface material
  • CurvatureAnalysis: Analysis mode persists in blocks
  • Cycles:
    • Add support for linear lights
    • Do not repeat setting in material texture is ignored by Raytraced mode
    • Paint and plastic materials don’t look right
    • Raytraced bump map too strong
    • Raytraced display doesn’t reflect custom materials with textures in color channel properly
    • Raytraced mode doesn’t show specular highlights
    • Raytraced mode very dark no reflections
  • Display:
    • Black Viewports fixed in some cases
    • Block outlines hide in Technical, Artistic, and Pen views
    • Implement ground plane for OpenGL 3.3 core profile
    • Pen - Block disappears
    • Shading delayed
    • SSAO produces dark line on the horizon (where ground plane ends)
  • File IO:
    • Bad objects created on open
    • STEP Import - Messy pole does not get cleaned up
    • STEP file has super large extents
    • STEP import should be able to clean up bad edges like this one
    • STEP import splits closed edges unnecessarily
    • SolidWorks assemblies - no blocks
  • Grasshopper on High-DPI monitors
    • Problems in Gradient component
    • buttons in sketch toolbar
    • number slider in sketch toolbar
  • Grasshopper Mesh Parameter crash.
  • History: Updates not happening when user interface edits annotation text
  • Licensing: Many changes and improvements to the process of entering licenses, registering, and validating licenss.
  • Make2D: A couple failure cases fixed
  • MaterialEditor: Content UI disappears
  • Osnap: Mid Osnap is much stronger than other Osnaps
  • RDK:
    • Exception thrown when closing Rhino after creating materials with Eto UIs
    • Floating Editor request
  • Render:
    • Render Frame is disabled while rendering
    • Rendering: Custom material from Glass has Black diffuse channel
    • Rendering: Some plastic bump patterns don’t tile
    • Rendering: Too many instances created for polysurfaces by ChangeQueue
    • Selection: Details should show control points when selected too
  • Details and more enhancements…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #12

Rhino WIP 2017-Jan-24 is now available.

This WIP includes:

  • Annotation:
    • Change “Rich Text” to “Text” on the text dialog
    • Overridden setting does not revert to default color when set to default
    • Rhino 5 Text Shifting in Rhino 6
    • Rhino 5 Text with Fields Shift in Rhino 6
    • Exploding leader doesn’t preserve locations of parts
    • Problem in Layout
  • BoxEdit: Act on block instances
  • Cycles: Decals broken is latest version
  • Display:
    • Add more complex texture mapping modes and decals to the GL33 shaded mesh shader
    • Ambient light setting is missing from Display settings
    • Black viewports in Technical mode in WIP from 8-23 and old driver
    • Block drawing broken for Technical, Artistic and Pen
    • Block instance with object material set to By Parent draw incorrectly.
    • Continuous loading of bitmap files when Rhino is idle
    • File does not open properly
    • Fresnel reflection not working in Core Profile
    • Lag when calling open vs selecting recent file
    • Only joined edges pay attention to display mode settings
    • SSAO banding during dynamic draw
    • Shaded display of blocks wrong
    • Shaded, Ghosted, Rendered broken in latest WIP
    • Viewport performance slows dramatically with wallpaper image enabled
  • File IO:
    • Multi Page PDF options needed
    • Seam placement in STEP import of closed elementary surfaces
    • File dialogs do not display all plug-in file types.
    • PDF Export: - Colors incorrect in Rhino
    • PDF importing could use a page picker for multi-page PDFs
  • Grasshopper: Toolbar border cannot be moved at or above 225%
  • Licensing and Validation: many improvements to the license entry and validation user interface.
  • NamedCPlanes: Panel is blank before first save
  • NamedView: Thumbnails are blank when opening 3dm
  • OffsetMesh: Doesn’t remember the last used settings
  • Osnap: Only show projected flag if the snap is off the CPlane
  • Properties: Text and Dots not in scripted Properties
  • Rendering: Purple ray-trace in Rhino render
  • Rendering: Settings sections need a controller that supports C#
  • Revolve: If profile is not co-planar to axis of revolution, surface looses UV coordinates
  • RhinoCommon:
    • Add MeshPatch function to RhinoCommon
    • IsReadOnly needs to be implemented to follow an interface. It should not be exposed
    • NurbsCurve.Points.ControlPolygon and ControlPoint.Location incorrect for weighted points.
    • wrap RhinoParseNumber from command line math
  • SDK:
    • CRhinoAppSettings::LoadProfile is being called continuously when Rhino is idle
    • CRhinoDisplayPipeline::CopyToBackBuffer only supports CRhinoDib
  • SelDup: Make SelDup work with new annotation objects.
  • Settings: Update Rhino Application Settings Load/Save profile mechanisim
  • TextObject: Fix command so it does not use obsolete CRhinoTextObject
  • UVEditor: Zooming into the UVeditor causes the texture to disappear
  • Details and more enhancements…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #13

Rhino WIP 2017-Jan-31 is now available.

This WIP includes:

  • Display: Shadows on ground plane are noisy
  • Licensing: Many more fixes to license entry and validation user experience
  • PDF Import: updated to create new annotation objects.
  • Details and more enhancements…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #14

Rhino WIP 2017-Feb-21 is now available.

This WIP includes:

New Features:

  • File IO: Add SVG File Export
  • Annotation: Leader - Make “Above” dimstyle setting apply to leaders and radial dimensions
  • ExtendSrf: Add option to split
  • New command: CopyHole
  • New command: OneView
  • Rendering: New command: RenderArctic
  • Annotations: in properties panel, wrap controls (except RichTextArea) in scrollable

Bug Fixes

  • Annotation: Dozens of improvements
  • Area: Fails in V6; ok in v5
  • Blend: 3rd point of 2nd curve jumps to the other side
  • BlendEdge: failure
  • BlendSrf: Edit/ChainEdges command flow broken
  • Blocks: Display Xray with edges on in Rendered mode
  • BoundingBox: CPlane bounding box incorrect
  • BoxEdit: Numbers and increments are all wrong
  • CageEdit: Keep as custom objects
  • Cycles:
    • Edge settings for display aren’t retained between sessions
    • Editing maximum passes doesn’t have Raytraced continue properly
    • Environment display unreliable
  • Display:
    • Arctic display mode added
    • Auto-groundplane elevation doesn’t work correctly in some cases
    • Blocks get transformed wrong in DisplayConduit
    • Control grid visibility with display modes
    • Core Profile only displays some display modes correctly in ortho viewports
    • File continually generates render meshes
    • Hatches displaying dashed
    • Having display pipeline set to OpenGL for Wireframe mode crashes Rhino on exit
    • Objects black from below the ground plane
    • Pictures display black
    • Rendered mode ground plane depends on doc properties
    • Rhino Starts in Software Mode OpenGL
    • Settings as View Properties page is a failed experiment
    • Shadows are displaying wrong on shaded view
    • Skylight shadows on the ground plane aren’t working
    • Surface disappears when mesh is adjusted
    • Vertical text alignment is wrong when including characters that include descenders
    • Viewport slow during preview
    • m_bDrawZAxis is a display mode setting but not a view setting
  • EMap: No emap if starting from existing Rhino instance icon
  • ETO Lights dialog color button only works when double-clicked.
  • Export: FBX creates duplicates of same material
  • Extrusion Object: Critical crash bugs in extrusion meshing code
  • File IO:
    • Add Import_DST.rhp to the installer
    • Add import_SVG in the installer
    • DWG: Reading SHX font fails
    • No results from when only text in file
    • Open PDF - text with no text
    • PDF - Close curves that appear closed
    • PDF Export improved
    • PDF import fails to read grouped geometry
    • SaveAs PDF fails with solid hatches
    • Support Export Selected for PDF and SVG
    • Update SolidWorks plugin to use DataKit 2017.1 SDK
  • Fillet: Failure in Rhino 6
  • FilletEdge: Leaves a naked edge
  • FilletEdge: Naked edges on the fillet ends
  • IncrementalSave: Dash version does not allow setting options.
  • Infinite loop in Mac Rhino
  • Insert:
    • Behavior when inserting file the same name as block definition broken
    • Inserting a SolidWorks file skips the options dialog
    • Simplify insert file or link file
  • Line: Vertical with numeric input clears the value after Enter
  • Make2D: Extra lines made
  • Make2D: View projection uses the last used view
  • MakeHole: Crash
  • MatchSrf: Matching to an edge with CurveNearSurface
  • Menu: Change Newsgroup to User Forum in Help links
  • Menu: New Surface Flattening sub-menu
  • Menu: Update needed - _DocumentPropertiesPage ->_AnnotationStyles
  • MoveHole: Remove Copy option
  • New command: CopyLinkedBlockDefinition
  • New command: Tutorials
  • PDF: Export results vary with DPI setting
  • PDF: Option to make individual PDFs when printing Layouts
  • PDF: Text not wrapped
  • PlaceHole: Crashes when a non-planar closed curve is selected
  • PluginManager: Plugins shipped with Rhino marked as not shipped with Rhino
  • Properties: Display erratic when multiple text with different styles selected
  • Raytraced: Pressing pause shows white viewport
  • Raytraced:Objects with missing vertex normals render black
  • Rendering
    • Materials: Plastic still has 100% gloss when transparency is 0%
    • Can the SSAO settings look more like this?
    • Click on renderer name in HUD event requested
    • HUD max passes edit box doesn’t resize with content
    • Thumbnail images for the material library are no longer shown
  • SDK:
    • DotNet Realtime rendered viewports always use the same display attributes
    • Expose functionality behind Convert command to SDK
    • Performance concerns with realtime rendering drawing method
    • Remove indexers
    • RhinoCommon: Layers.Delete member doesn’t work
    • RhinoScript - update to use new annotation objects
    • RhinoSdkBlend::SurfaceBlend does not create same results as BlendSrf command
    • Wrap ON_HiddenLineDrawing::IncludeHiddenCurves for .NET SDK
    • Function to load default linetypes requested
  • SVG import: Draw order is close but not quite right
  • Save:DWG - Text objects are not projected to CPlane
  • Save:WMF - file not recognized by Word, OpenOffice
  • SaveAsTemplate: Missing Save textures option
  • SelAnnotationStyle: (was SelDimStyle) doesn’t work with new dimensions, text and leaders
  • SelBrushPoints doesn’t allow Ctrl+paint to deselect
  • SelDimStyle: Doesn’t work if text has any style overrides
  • SelMaterialName: Allow object selection
  • Selection: Block highlight missing
  • Settings: Display settings not sticking
  • SimplifyCrv: Creates bad objects
  • SubCrv: Add option to just mark the curve with points
  • Toolbar: Tooltips overlap when Windows text is scaled
  • UI Cleanup: The options list control does not support Shift+Tab
  • Worksession: Scripting Open command with worksession file isn’t quiet
  • Details and more enhancements…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

OneView - Thanks
Auto printing individual PDFs in various size and orientations
(Brian Gillespie) #15

Rhino WIP 2017-Feb-28 is now available.

This WIP includes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation:
    • In dimension dialogs read-only edit box at bottom too large (RH-38031)
    • Wrapping of dimstyle properties in appropriate sub class. (RH-37642)
    • DimRadius: “Horizontal to view” not quite right when TextAngleType is set to “Aligned” (RH-38029)
    • DimRadius: leader dives into text (RH-38063)
    • DimRadius: TextLocation override isn’t saved (RH-38030)
    • Leader: Grip editing leader text does not hide original text while dragging (RH-38026)
    • Leader: add arrow images to leader arrow drop downs (RH-37974)
  • Arctic display: Arctic mode - Ground plane altitude doesn’t accept negative values (RH-37354)
  • Compat: False negative for compat (accessibility modifiers) (RH-37982)
  • CurvatureAnalysis: No highlight on analysis modes (RH-36246)
  • DPI Aware: Icons in Tutorials dialog have scaling problems (RH-37945)
  • Delete: Selection with points on does not work (RH-38024)
  • Display:
    • Incorrectly shows layer color (RH-37994)
    • Restore Defaults button doesn’t work on Other Settings (RH-38067)
    • Shadows overlay hangs around (RH-37633)
  • File IO:
    • PDF Export: support pre-defined page sizes (RH-37709)
    • STEP import messes up in V6. OK in V5 (RH-38068)
  • Grasshopper: Components: The ‘Interpolate’ component’s ‘Tangent Start’ and ‘Tangent End’ are not work when degree is 5 (RH-37504)
  • HideLayersInDetail: Should allow selection of objects in block (RH-37990)
  • MoveUVNOn: Crash when adjusting points (RH-37892)
  • OpenNURBS: Add m_bRead3dmHadErrors to CRhinoDoc (RH-37796)
  • Print: Text is too big in multi-line dots (RH-38058)
  • Rendering:
    • Ground plane automatic height doesn’t work on opening model (RH-37968)
    • RenderArctic should have options (RH-36184)
  • SDK: GHPython: GHPython: Add “Transform” to the object type hint list (RH-37977)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Expose ON_ObjectRenderingAttributes to RhinoCommon (RH-31844)
  • Tutorials: Revise sample models to use new materials and rendering defaults (RH-37097)
  • Details and more enhancements…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #16

Rhino WIP 2017-Mar-7 is now available.

This WIP includes:

New Features and Enhancements:

  • SnapShots: Named Snapshots feature (RH-37999)
  • Rendering: Add more HDRI to the v6 material library (RH-37566)
  • Named Position: Selection removed and visibility added (RH-37998)


  • Annotation:

    • Add arrow images to arrow type dropdown (RH-37582)
    • Dialog box clean-up (RH-37485)
    • Mask settings do not match Doc Props dialog (RH-38090)
    • Match button in Dimension page of Object Properties (RH-37948)
    • MatchAnnotation (RH-38182)
    • Move Suppress extension settings (RH-38085)
    • Reading attached DWG file - Tolerance value overrides not read (RH-33074)
    • Save as DWG - Write dimensions (and everything else) with PlainText instead of UserText (RH-37519)
    • TextFields don’t export to V5 (RH-38168)
    • Update annotation property pages to match new fields added to annotation styles (RH-37965)
  • Annotation: DimRadial:

    • Export to ACAD - Radial dimensions inside curve being dimensioned are wrong (RH-37518)
    • Radial Dimensions not looking Like AutoCAD (RH-37790)
  • Annotation: Hatch:

    • Hatch and History recording (RH-34952)
    • Pattern change and History locking (RH-34951)
  • Annotation: Leader: Leader arrowhead does not line up with spline (RH-38065)

  • Annotation: Styles:

    • Dialog buggers leaders - Add PlainText for dimensions (RH-37920)
    • Document Properties, Annotation Style dialog, add an Apply button (RH-37448)
  • Annotation: Text:

    • Editing multiple text objects requires multiple Undos (RH-38069)
    • Failure on glyph U+2672 in Windows Ebrima Font (works in V5) (RH-37649)
    • Text command fails when code point is a surrogate pair (RH-38184)
  • BooleanUnion: Edge tolerance off from Boolean (RH-38023)

  • BoxEdit: Allow Enter to apply changes (RH-38036)

  • Cycles:

    • Bogs things down while editing a material (RH-37955)
    • Changing skylight overrides sample count set rough HUD (RH-38144)
    • Color picker is shy (RH-38136)
    • Custom Skylight env + custom Reflection env + Wallpaper doesn’t update immediately in Raytraced (RH-37932)
    • Handle material that has backfacing set (RH-36237)
    • Increase the default limit (RH-38120)
    • InvalidOperationException (RH-38106)
    • Support no-shadows for lights (RH-38093)
    • Switching to Raytraced with V-Ray set as current renderer crashes Rhino (RH-37934)
    • Too slow starting up in Debug builds (RH-38161)
  • Display:

    • AMD display issues investigation (RH-35225)
    • AMD shader variable bug (RH-35826)
    • Block shadows are wrong in Rendered mode unless a Polysrf is shown (RH-35879)
    • Creating solid hatch turns screen black (RH-38188)
    • Dots in hatch always display at world origin (RH-38118)
    • Ground plane visibility options are not available in Technical display modes (RH-36301)
    • When non-Korean font is used, Korean text gets garbled. (RH-35590)
  • Display: OpenGL 3.3:

    • “Core Profile” displayed in viewports in VMWare (RH-38208)
    • Remove all dependencies on TestGLCoreProfile and make GL33 the default if/when available. (RH-38165)
  • DotNET: Error message (RH-38102)

  • FBX:

    • Material names aren’t imported (RH-38111)
    • colors aren’t imported correctly (RH-38112)
  • File IO:

    • Dimensions created with DimAngle to not roundtrip well when saved as V5 (RH-37554)
    • SVG strings need to be culture invariant (RH-38125)
  • Geometry Core: :GetTightBoundingBox is Inefficient (RH-38245)

  • History: Make status bar “Record History” menu items run macros (RH-38141)

  • Installer: Remove the MeshRepair plug-in from the Rhino Installer (RH-38181)

  • Lights:

    • Panel causes a message pump flood (RH-38179)
    • Solo state problem with copied group (RH-36196)
  • Localization:

    • Default font not set properly when starting Rhino with language parameter on command line (RH-34262)
    • Restore Defaults button selects incorrect font (RH-34415)
    • The default font for Korean should be Malgun Gothic (RH-33473)
  • Match: Match misses, fails (RH-38149)

  • Menu: Needs button revision (RH-37770)

  • No Subsystem: Add new MeshRepair code to Commands plug-in (RH-38172)

  • OSnap:

    • On status bar not working (RH-38198)
    • Some one shot osnap toolbar buttons incorrectly look selected (RH-38200)
  • Panels: Transparency number does not respond to typing (RH-36094)

  • Pipe: Default for the second radius (RH-38124)

  • PointDeviation: Point count too precise (RH-38101)

  • Print:

    • Leader line prints two different widths (RH-38166)
    • Optimized for PDF Mode (RH-4291)
    • Print width ignored by hatches (RH-38130)
  • Properties: Update new annotation object properties page icons (RH-37022)

  • RDK:

    • Double click -> Properties Page (RH-36193)
    • Ensure realtime render engine gets unregistered from view menu (RH-38119)
    • Group commands in the UI (RH-36219)
    • HUD clicks don’t get eaten properly (RH-38230)
    • HUD clicks get evaluated even outside realtime viewport (RH-38231)
  • Rendering:

    • Does not stretch in Rendered viewport mode (RH-37758)
    • Jumps when not stretched in Raytraced mode (RH-37761)
    • Rendered mode gamma of wallpaper is wrong (RH-37759)
    • Setting environment for reflection doesn’t update until the view is rotated. (RH-38081)
  • Rendering: Materials: Plastic Material Bump texture not rendering correctly (RH-37625)

  • Rendering: Realtime SDK:

    • Realtime render engine UUID is not exposed in the UI (RH-36250)
    • Shadows are on when switching Shaded mode to render with “Raytraced” realtime engine (RH-38163)
  • Rhino Installer Engine: Pre-existing package install state doesn’t seem to matter (RH-37876)

  • SDK: C++ SDK should provide debug symbols (RH-38186)

  • SDK: Python:

    • Add Create functions to RhinoScriptSyntax (RH-37985)
    • RhinoScriptSyntax needs a Create color function and perhaps a Color object (RH-37986)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:

    • Fix Text3d (RH-38000)
    • Review change to ViewportInfo (RH-38243)
    • doc.Linetypes doesn’t contain ‘Continuous’ (RH-37689)
  • Settings: CRhinoAppGeneralSettings::operator== appears to be incorrect (RH-38159)

  • SmartTrack: Settings in Options don’t stick (RH-38142)

  • Toolbar:

  • UDT: flow along surface in WIP (RH-37973)

  • Viewports: Misbehaves (RH-38070)

  • Zoo: ZooClient’s ClientManager is being instantiated multiple times due to concurrency woes (RH-38114)

  • Details and more enhancements…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

Rhino WIP: New V6 Display Engine
(Brian Gillespie) #17

Rhino WIP 2017-Mar-14 is now available.

This WIP includes:

Performance Problems Fixed:

  • Cycles: Raytraced mode delays things outside of Rhino (RH-38305)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation:
    • Add down pointing triangle aligned right in the style drop down list so the control looks like a DropDown (RH-37591)
    • Annotation Object Properties Match button + ESC causes crash (RH-38292)
    • Changing font, bold, italic, underline property if selected text unselects the text (RH-38258)
    • Text size and model space scale don’t update in properties (RH-38332)
  • Annotation: Leader:
    • “Bottom of first line” leader text position isn’t right (RH-38201)
    • Alignment to bottom of first line incorrect (RH-38380)
  • Annotation: Text:
    • Euro symbol missing in text object (RH-38205)
    • Extra message on command line placing text (RH-38304)
    • Text wrapping is broken (RH-38282)
  • Arctic display: Arctic mode - skylight is not on (RH-38269)
  • BlockEdit:
    • Enter invokes Add Object (RH-37911)
    • Lock up when bad object created (RH-35961)
    • Shows parts in the wrong locations (RH-37204)
  • Cycles:
    • CyclesForPlugins RenderWindow hangs when pressing stop while render is paused. (RH-38272)
    • CyclesForRhino plug-in tells methods are missing (RH-38271)
    • Memory leaking while toggling between Raytraced and other display modes. (RH-38273)
    • Raytraced- all white (RH-37922)
    • Render time resets when changing sample count, but render continues from wherever it left (RH-38270)
    • Wallpaper image shows as magenta in Cycles (RH-37786)
    • Wires move faster than the shaded meshes (RH-38160)
    • during startup, the HUD displays “Rendering…” when it’s clearly not. (RH-38162)
  • Display:
    • Cone in studio preview in Rendered tab is black (RH-36101)
    • Create display trails with clipping planes (RH-37250)
    • Points display disappeared (RH-36439)
    • Points in blocks not hidden when disabled for Raytraced (RH-37944)
    • Redraw the screen when Ctrl+Tab between views and when coming out of a MaxViewport (RH-37395)
    • SSAO shadows slow Rendered mode by ~10x (RH-38185)
    • Seems to float in some views (RH-38138)
    • Skylight produces black results on VMWare (RH-38241)
  • Display: OpenGL 3.3:
    • Implement SSAO for OpenGL 3.3 core profile (RH-37377)
    • Memory leak in Rendered display mode with object using UV-mapped material (RH-38316)
    • Shadows do not work in Technical modes when Core Profile is enabled (RH-38096)
  • DocumentProperties: File/Settings/Annotation Styles and Earth Position use license icon (RH-37245)
  • Eto: Licence manager “ProgressModal” dialog causes continuous WPF rendering. (RH-38235)
  • Gumball:
    • Gumball scaling increment not the best default (RH-38266)
    • Rectangular Lights and Gumball Scale 1D (RH-38207)
  • Installer: “Close” button almost hidden in language list (RH-38267)
  • Make2D: Add option to group output by source object (RH-38027)
  • Panels: Search too tiny. (RH-38139)
  • Rendering:
    • Array index out of range (RH-38224)
    • Change tone mapping on the fly (RH-37952)
    • RhinoRender - Object too transparent with transparent background (RH-38283)
    • Updates only on mouse-over (RH-37993)
  • Rendering: Materials: Changing one material color causes all thumbnails to refresh (RH-38259)
  • Rendering: Realtime SDK: Realtime display HUD status text usage incorrect (RH-38278)
  • SDK: GHPython:
    • Domain output from rs.CurveDomain is not usable in GH (RH-38363)
    • built-in compiler (RH-38167)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • AutoDelete problem when adding custom environment (RH-38284)
    • RhinoCommon SDK documentation out-of-date (RH-29848)
  • SplitEdge: Makes a bad object (RH-38108)
  • Toolbar:
  • Details and more enhancements…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #18

Rhino WIP 2017-Mar-21 is now available.

This WIP includes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation:

    • Length units Prefix, Suffix don’t save properly (RH-38411)
    • Missing scriptable -DocumentProperties page for Annotation Styles (RH-36979)
    • _DimCurveLength does not respect the number of decimal places (RH-37639)
  • Annotation: DimAngular: Make it possible to choose big or little angle for DimAngle when snapping to a definition point (RH-38285)

  • Annotation: DimLinear: Dim command makes Rhino not responding (RH-38487)

  • Annotation: Styles:

    • Breaks History (RH-38225)
    • Editing annotation styles makes Rhino stop responding (RH-38492)
  • Annotation: Text:

    • Document text keys & backslash (RH-38264)
    • Text fields don’t autoupdate in a block in V6 (RH-37388)
    • rich text font changes aren’t applied (RH-38510)
  • BooleanDifference: Failure (RH-38416)

  • CopyToClipboard: Long copy/paste (RH-38444)

  • Cycles:

    • Changing Focal Blur can forget there was a background environment. (RH-38410)
    • Fix RhinoCycles_SetRenderOptions to work better (RH-38176)
    • Ground plane toggling doesn’t trigger re-render with correct gp (RH-38158)
    • Make “Test” commands real test commands (RH-38478)
    • Paint shader in Cycles does not act correctly (RH-38199)
    • Raytraced mode doesn’t work at all and Rhino must be force quit (RH-38477)
    • Using a 3Dconnexion device hangs Raytraced (RH-38336)
  • DPI Aware:

    • Python Editor, Icons on menus not in correct size (RH-33578)
    • Python Editor, toolbar buttons too small (RH-33579)
  • Display:

    • Black artifact and poor shadows nvidia gtx 550 ti (RH-37650)
    • Environment data slows down start-up (RH-38145)
    • Ghosting on certain display modes when using GH (RH-36217)
    • Ground plane incorrectly uses material (RH-38357)
    • Modes not working (RH-38398)
    • Pipeline does not respect the hidden property of a point in a pointcloud (RH-38248)
    • Raytraced mode status bar can not display Chinese (RH-35714)
    • Rendered viewport black after opening model (RH-34786)
  • Display: OpenGL 3.3: Implement Bilateral blur shader for OpenGL 3.3 core profile (RH-37545)

  • File IO:

    • IGES export (or import) issue truncating the name (RH-38032)
    • STEP import crash (RH-38434)
    • STEP import needs indicate bad object creation (RH-38219)
    • V6 Picture material cannot be edited in V5 (RH-37508)
  • Insert:

    • Gray out options for non-3DM files (RH-10178)
    • Remember the last used block (RH-37899)
  • Mirror: Mirrored Text is flipped (RH-29350)

  • No Subsystem: Snapshots - Export selected/copy paste not working (RH-38347)

  • OpenNURBS: ON_Font::GetRunBounds is inaccurate (RH-37906)

  • Print: New PDF exporter - Print width of Details is not printed correctly (RH-37972)

  • Properties: Typing in Dimension properties flashes (RH-38033)

  • QuadMesh: QuadMesher fails to build in a clean debug x64 build because boost is not properly built (RH-38060)

  • RDK:

    • :SimulatedMaterial can’t handle user-data preservation cases (RH-38470)
    • Custom Viewport property page icon/title doesn’t show in Viewport properties page (RH-38369)
    • Custom render mesh rendering not showing up in Raytraced (RH-38164)
    • Geometry doesn’t affect the automatic ground plane position (RH-38413)
    • Getting RDK render crc is slow, especially when excluding some parameters (RH-38368)
    • Make “Test” command real test command (RH-38479)
    • Override Cycles Settings is default page (RH-38438)
    • Raytraced mode OpenGL Shadow settings don’t work (RH-38441)
    • Sub-object material assignment doesn’t update unless reapplied (RH-34922)
  • Rendering: Decal color and finish incorrect (RH-38280)

  • Rendering: Materials: Icons for plastic bump texture types missing (RH-38143)

  • Rendering: Realtime SDK: HUD Text disappears when creating a clipping plane (RH-38276)

  • SDK: GHPython:

    • GhPython: Access component code when disabled (RH-38286)
    • The TransformObject function does not accept Breps (RH-38298)
  • SDK: Python:

    • A bug in AddRevSrf? (RH-31805)
    • AddPlanarMesh not deleting input (RH-31557)
    • The Python editor Variables output windows looks poor at High DPI. (RH-38303)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:

    • Need an Attributes UserStrings Clear method (RH-38317)
    • Switching material editor layout to list or tree triggers assert in RdkQuickReasonToCommonReason (RH-38370)
  • SDK: RhinoScript: Update RhinoScript API docs (RH-38422)

  • Startup Template Dialog: Startup Template dialog shows English template files in Korean Rhino (RH-38151)

  • TextObject: Command fails (RH-38377)

  • ViewCaptureToFile:

    • Add missing bitmap file types (RH-34541)
    • PNG has issues when opened in Photoshop CC (RH-34545)
  • WireCut: Line created on the fly is sometime left when the command fails (RH-37789)

  • Zoo: CloudZoo Client:

    • Error about switching license from Cloud Zoo to local Zoo (RH-38232)
    • Login command should be renamed (RH-38456)
    • What does not logged in mean? - Serengeti - McNeel Forum (RH-36986)
  • Details and more enhancements…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #20

Rhino WIP 2017-Mar-28 is now available.


  • Make2D: Dialog has excessive blank space at the bottom (RH-38289)

Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation:
    • Dimension display text in prop. panel is “” instead of “<>” (RH-38553)
    • Don’t warn on deletion of dimension (RH-38439)
    • Make text format changes apply to entire strings when no text is partially selected (RH-37883)
  • Annotation: Text:
    • Text font not shown correctly in edit or properties (RH-37978)
  • BlendSrf: Don’t add all the interior edit point handles to start with (RH-38538)
  • Cycles:
    • Alpha transparency does not work in Cycles (RH-38508)
    • Custom Material not working properly. (RH-37339)
    • Fresnel reflections not working in custom material (RH-38512)
    • Full transparency + reflectivity with fresnel not handled correctly in custom shader (RH-38506)
    • Reflection doesn’t work with diffuse texture (RH-38507)
    • With cylindrical mapping (RH-38300)
  • Detail: Layout Detail - Objects not visible til selection (RH-38604)
  • Displacement: Default mesh memory limit could use to be higher (RH-38513)
  • Display:
    • Anti-Aliasing no longer works in the display as of this morning (RH-38551)
    • Any amount of reflection polish causes Rendered mode to display metal materials as solid black (RH-38255)
    • Artistic display mode makes blank white viewport (RH-38261)
    • Color in rendered viewport (RH-38497)
    • Display glitch - Pick viewport border in non-default 4 viewport layout (RH-38544)
    • Drawing messed up in Details w/Shadows (RH-35038)
    • Glass is blue but shouldn’t be (RH-38237)
    • Ground plane horizon line in view if Technical mode has shadows enabled (RH-38127)
    • Mirrored blocks display flipped (RH-38129)
    • Performance issue when drawing an object with custom primitive mapping (RH-38349)
    • Rendered display wrong (RH-38099)
    • Technical display issue if shade objects is on (RH-38126)
    • Technical mode issues in Layout details (RH-34930)
  • Display: OpenGL 3.3:
    • Arctic mode does not produce the correct results in Core Profile (RH-38097)
    • Materials are getting “lost” when multiple light sources are used in Core Profile (RH-38100)
    • The “blurring” of shadow maps isn’t working in Core Profile (RH-38110)
  • Extend: Stopping extension (RH-38567)
  • ExtractSrf: Failure in attached file (RH-38580)
  • ExtrudeCrv: Misses shallow angle (RH-38321)
  • File IO:
  • History: Incorrect break warning when deleting (RH-38511)
  • Insert: Block Definition Properties dialog name incorrect (RH-37793)
  • Layer: Drag and drop support onto controls outside layer manager panel (RH-38570)
  • Libraries: No working materials (RH-38491)
  • Offset: Misses when end weights are not the same (RH-38415)
  • Picture: Pictures in block only display in Rendered mode (RH-37819)
  • Pull: Failure on line to mesh (RH-38082)
  • Rendering: Materials: Bump types on the Plastic material should also be available on metal (RH-38494)
  • SDK: GHPython: GhPython. ESC key is disregarded in scriptcontext.escape_test() (RH-38555)
  • SDK: Python:
    • RhinoPython Editor Method tree needs Function Groups (RH-37228)
    • rs.SimplifyCurve(cvr, flags). Values other than 0 for flags result in unsupported operand type error (RH-31854)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • DrawDottedPolyline messes up line patterns (RH-38038)
    • RhinoCommon wish: Crv2View (RH-30294)
    • Wish: .ColorHSV (RH-37214)
  • Snapshot:
    • Snapshots - Render Settings Color adjustment client (RH-38549)
    • Snapshots - Render Settings Wireframe client (RH-38550)
  • SubCrv:
  • Subobject Selection: Make work on a single surface (RH-38519)
  • TextObject: Make it work with accented letters used in many European languages. (RH-38484)
  • UI Cleanup: Update Python editor icon images (RH-38320)
  • ViewCaptureToFile: Transparent capture saves the grid (RH-38115)
  • Zoo: CloudZoo Client: Logout and login won’t unlock file saving (RH-37106)


  • SDK: RhinoCommon: TextObject RhinoCommon function (RH-28854)

  • Snapshot:

    • Snapshots - Render Settings Backdrop client (RH-38548)
    • Snapshots - SetObjectDisplayMode (RH-38309)
    • Snapshots - thumbnails in panel (like named views) (RH-38493)
  • More Details…

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

(Brian Gillespie) #21

Rhino WIP 2017-Apr-4 is now available.

Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation:
    • Baseline Spacing Value setting added to styles (RH-12314)
    • Model space annotations scale incorrectly (RH-38630)
    • Saving Annotation Edits Is Broken (RH-38722)
    • Wrap leader text (RH-30943)
  • Annotation: Leader: Curve width setting in display modes changes the width of Leader arrows (RH-38683)
  • Annotation: Styles: Make annotation scaling separately controllable for Model Space and Layout Space. (RH-38643)
  • Annotation: Text: Control for Annotation Scaling (RH-35246)
  • Block: Annoying Question but no “Extra block” (RH-38355)
  • Cycles:
  • DPI Aware: Osnap checkbox missing a pixel in 300% (RH-32731)
  • Display:
    • Background turns red when rotating the view (RH-38689)
    • Choose One Object menu does not highlight detail objects (RH-38428)
    • Dot display is messy (RH-38403)
    • Poor mesh edge highlight display (RH-37293)
    • Shadows are incorrect when displaying nested blocks of objects (RH-38646)
    • Startup display incorrect (RH-38220)
    • Text Dots In blocks do not get clipped by clipping planes (RH-38530)
    • Text in dots gets partially clipped when it should not be clipped at all. (RH-38528)
    • Wireframe display on Mac not working properly (RH-37614)
  • Explode: Incorrectly creates new blocks (RH-36985)
  • File IO:
    • AutoCAD Import of 3DM - Text Not Visible (RH-38340)
    • DWG/DXF: Support new annotation objects (RH-34323)
    • SVG import needs to pay attention to font-style and text-decoration (RH-38585)
  • GetPoint: Preview typed numbers and points when getting a point (RH-37187)
  • Help: “Help topic not found” page is always in English. (RH-35019)
  • Insert: no type default (RH-38581)
  • Localization:
    • Japanese - ExtractMeshFacesByAspectRatio dialog needs more width (RH-38609)
    • Japanese - ExtractMeshFacesByDraftAngle dialog needs more width (RH-38611)
    • Korean Osnap Toolbar needs adjustment (RH-36272)
  • Make2D: Missing lines (RH-38461)
  • Mesh: Mesh preview is stuck at the first settings (RH-38543)
  • MeshRepair:
  • Picture: bmp images won’t load (RH-38651)
  • PluginManager: Plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino list is wrong (RH-38620)
  • SDK:
    • CRhinoUiToolBarManager is obsolete (RH-38529)
    • Crash iterating light table after worksession detach (RH-38622)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Create a central place for Rhino.UI shared settings (RH-38714)
  • SDK: RhinoScript: SelectLayer bool fails (RH-38719)
  • TextObject: Command fails on recycling symbol and Asian language glyphs (RH-38183)
  • Tutorials: All links in help menu of Rhino 6 CN version are inaccessible (RH-38589)
  • UDT: Taper makes curved sides (RH-38673)
  • UI Cleanup:
    • Custom .NET object property page Icon disappears (RH-38696)
    • NumericUpDownWithText overlapping controls (RH-37756)


Download Now and report any problems in this forum.