Beta tab rendering bug

I think there’s a graphical bug in the latest beta:

At least I hope it’s a bug, and not a silly attempt at those horrible “flat UI” things with atrocious usability?

run toolbarreset and see if it clears up.

Note- back up any custom toolbars before you do this-

I believe that would be the new styling of these. @brian @johnc probably know better.

I for my part like ‘flat’, minimalistic UIs, and welcome the subtle improvements that R7 brings!
In what way do these tab lines really help so that tabs are readable as such?

I’ll let the top experts in the field speak instead of me:

EDIT: Oh, dear…

Granted, the old wasn’t actually good here, because it drew borders around things that could not be clicked. But the new doesn’t go all the way, it’s only halfway there and therefor isn’t clear in what it attempts to achieve.

(Also, the icons are so… frankly terrible… I mean, the toothpaste tube, the vat of acid, the postbox and the meatball… please tell me that there is a way I can replace them, as with the other toolbars?) :pleading_face:


icons from win 95 :sweat_smile: :joy:

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You have a combination of non-default settings at play. If you restore default colors and turn off “show tab text” for the panel tabs on the right, it will be consistent.

Yes, the intent is flatter UI.

The row of buttons on the properties panel has been my least favorite UI in Rhino for ages. But you didn’t even show the worst part:


Is that second “row” a set of buttons? Tabs? Yeah, it’s that awesome. We contemplated a second row of tabs; we contemplated forcing all Properties tabs into their own distinct group (ala Rhino for Mac). In the end, we didn’t come up with anything better than what we had before - just different.


My main issue was that you only removed half of the “Excel” style borders around the text in the panel I showed.

Also, that panel is the only one I use, so if I could, I’d just as well hide all of those other settings, but short of that, is there a way to change those icons like you can on toolbars? Since flat UIs make things disappear and I actually want that in this case, I threw together a set of “flat” icons still containing a clue as to what they do:


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I get where you’re coming from (or better want to go to) but I think your little mock-up contains icons that are extremely difficult to distinguish and are significantly less readable than what is present in Rhino today.

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I like where you’re headed. We gave up on the idea of making icons that everyone likes a couple decades ago, because it’s an impossible task. I think the Mac Rhino properties icons are flatter and do a lot of what you’re after.

I use mostly Win version, sometimes Mac. Each time I use Mac version I have to strain my eyes to read what the icon is about. No colors, to little contrast. Not every user is young with a good sight.
Far more prefer Win UI.
PS I meant icons in panels


I do like your suggestion of something like the bullet list icon for general details

It would be nice to have different icons used on the properties panel than what are used on the tabs.


Not the first time I find out that the Mac Rhino UI has something that’s much nicer than the Windows UI, and I’m not alone in thinking that (but yes, I know there’s many command line luddites here as well). :wink:

Thanks, that’s one of my “hick-ups” with that entire tab. The first “sub-tab” is (to me) as you say general details (most important being object type, name and layer), while the rest is just stuff to do with appearance for advanced rendering views. Imo, they should be moved to a whole different tab, so users like me can just close it and never have to see it…

Not all , just the old.
Simple example

Did you upgrade the save icon from a 3.5” floppy to an Iomega zip? :grinning:


and downgraded my officejet to a deskjet!

This one is a nice floppy replacement:



I’m glad to see we’re rapidly approaching concensus on one icon :wink:


or…simply use the icon editor and make icons you personally like better.

problem solved.

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I’d love to. So how do you do that for these?

EDIT: Whoah… bringing this thread back to the original topic, I just noticed that @brian’s tabs look completely different than the ones I posted. Ok, if that styling would have been consistent across all tabs in the beta, I might not have made this topic… but it’s very, very flat… (and thus not very readable… especially with not even a different color on the active tab).