Rhino Mac Interface in Windows

Hi. How do I change to the Mac Interface in Windows’ Rhino?

Hi @gon_marquez7
The short answers are “you can’t” or “buy a Mac”, but most of the various interface areas in Rhino for Windows can be re-arranged, so you can get pretty close. I think the status bar (at the bottom in Windows) in one of the only areas that can’t be moved. If I recall correctly, those functions (Grid, snap, ortho etc.) are on top in the Mac version. Other than that, you should be able to drag (and snap) most of the toolbars and tabs to your liking.
HTH, Jakob

you like the mac interface as opposed to windows? i run both and windows is so much more streamlined and easy to customize.

Mac version has nice menus for all tool options, instead of the horrible DOS command line you have to squint at on Windows, so that’s one thing I’m envious of.

I happen to like that horrible command line as it’s taking a lot less space and doesn’t change the interface as much after firing a command. Also for smaller computers the way it’s done on the Mac means people have to scroll down to see all the options or have to choose to not see all the osnaps at all times. That for me makes the Mac interface nothing to be envious of.

without the command line i would be lost and very unproductive.

Hey @pascal
Would it be possible to “upgrade” the status bar to “toolbar status” in a future version, making it dockable/movable? I hardly ever use the thing for actual mouse interaction - mostly reading coordinates, layer info etc. - but I guess it would make sense, as all other areas can be moved around :slight_smile:

I think the command line is a special “container”. All the other ones you describe freeze when they do not have focus. The Command prompt keeps updating even when you are interacting with something else.
It might be possible, but not likely an easy thing to do.
Lots of risky work for limited benefit.

Other than maybe you might like something else a little better for cosmetic reasons, what pain is it causing you and how is it interfering with your workflow?