Best way to bend a 1.6mm thick 28mm x 150mm item into an arc?

If I create my object in pre bent form as per original, what method is best to bend it around a 90 mm radius for its underside ? (bend along its long length)


Hi, anyone ?
Take a simple shape 1.6mm x 28mm x 150mm block and wish to bend it around an arc of rad 90mm.

How is this done ?

Would Flow which did it for a curve work on solids ?


Yes, it does.

Hi, just tried it before you posted and posted new thread. failed me.


Have you tried using ‘bend’? I had great sucess with it in 2d bending around circles

Works here…

FlowBox.3dm (102.3 KB)

I see you have posted what I did wrong, more to alter before doing it etc.


Yes, all you have to do is call Flip on the line to reverse its direction and then run Flow as you did before, select the original, click near B (start of the line) and just above C (near the start of the circle in the ccw direction).

flow along curve as expected.3dm (132.1 KB)

Hi, I had flipped it (the line),
then did:-
run flow command
select object hit enter
select line near ‘A’ hit enter
select circle near ‘A’ hit enter and the underside was not against the line.

One has to have dir arrows heading in same direction, then select line for object at end furthest away from circle to tell rhino where to send that end to ! best way of thinking about it !

but then my object (now with underside on the circle) which was touching the circle has moved beyond that point a bit, why is that ?

is that totally dependent on exactly where I click the circle ?