Flow command places underside of object which has base curve not onto target

Hi, see attached, simple thin sheet with line drawn along its underside. I need the underside to flow around the curve.
Flow hit enter,
select object hit enter
select my line near ‘A’ hit enter
select circle near ‘A’ and just below my line, hit enter
but bottom of solid is 1.6 BELOW the circle.

flow along curve not as expected.3dm (77.1 KB)


Flow is curve direction dependent. Flip the line and it will work as you expect. Sometimes you need to play with where you click on the curves and their direction.

(Note the start point of the circle is at “C” and it runs counterclockwise from that point.

If you do your flows with History on and Copy=Yes, you can post-change the direction of curves and even edit all the original objects and see the result update.