Best Rendering Software for Rhino 6/7 that is Compatible


I’m working on my architecture portfolio and have everything except renderings of my buildings.
Unfortunately, my windows laptop has not been compatible with Sketchup, Twinmotion, or Enscape. But I am familiar with Sketch-up and know how to utilize programs like these. And I would like to find any compatible rendering software that is (preferably free) or reasonably priced and easy to learn. Similarly, I would like a program that has downloadable furniture/items like Sketchup Warehouse (if possible).

My compter specifications are: Processor = Intel Core i7, RAM = 12.0 with (11.8 GB usable), 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor, Windows 10
Please let me know if you know anything that could be of use!

Hi there.

Try giving bella renderer a try. It’s current preview version has time-unlimited 1080p resolution, with a watermark in the corner.

The bella versions are currently compatible with Rhino 6, 7, & 8, and runs on the CPU. You can always join the discord community if you need help. But you can also ask here normally.

As for downloadable assets, that’s not really a thing with bella, but it’s easy enough to apply PBR if you need.

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Thank you,
What is PBR? Is there a way to get downloadable assets in my rhino file? I don’t understand how to do that process.

PBR (Physically Based Rendering materials) is a material type that is commonly used to simulate real materials.

Actually, if you have Rhino 7, you can use PBRs in the standard render engine.

You can find loads of them online nowadays, and many of them are free to use:

You can use the materials on these sites (check the license usage first!). However most modern render engines will allow the use of PBR materials.

It may be a little different now, but you can see how bella uses them in this example:

Other renderers like Vray, Enscape, Cycles… have a broadly similar approach to application, using layers to apply different properties.

Thank you so much! After downloading items in Poly Haven, how do you access the download and add it to my model on Rhino?
Rhino 6

Rhino 7

Generally, you can literally just open them as a normal file, if you mean 3D items. Just got to “File” and open (or insert?). I don’t have Rhino open here.

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Thea render is not bad for architectural renders.