Looking for help and willing to pay. Rhino 6/7 and bella render

Hey guys, I’ve been designing jewelry in Matrix and rendering with V Ray for years, but as of recently my company decided to go down the route of making our renders as realistic as possible, like top notch renders. After asking around it seems Bella was a top pick, but I’ve been messing around with Bella in Rhino 6 and I’m just at a loss, I can’t produce a good render to save my life. I’m willing to pay someone 150$ an hour to walk me through producing realistic high quality renders. Please people! If you’re interested email me at warrenbensel@gmail.com thank you

@jdhill is the guru, this might be somthing he can be interestef in.

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Heh, actually Warren asked me directly on our discord, but I can’t really justify taking time from coding to provide such a service, however maybe I can think of putting together some kind of online group workshop. Not sure what software people generally use for doing those, but I’ll look into it.