Best practices for using images in layouts

What are best practices with using images in layouts? Howto insert image with for example company logo so it would print nicely. Tried pictureframe so far, but I don’t think it was a proper direction - it looked fine inside Rhino , but printed as a black blob.

PictureFrame is the way to go, but when you get a black blob, there are a couple of things you can check. Open the image in something like Photoshop, and check that it is RGB color, 8 bit per channel (if you did need to change it, be sure to use refreshAllTextures in Rhino before trying to print again). Also check that the PictureFrame is untrimmed, as this can cause issues when trying to print vector.


The display mode (Wireframe, Rendered, Shaded etc.) may make a difference. Usually Rendered will yield the best result.

Responded to a similar topic from a very long ago, thought I would ask the same question here.

It would be best to keep vectors in the title block and rasters in the image, this does not seem to be possibile. Selecting vector output gets you a blank picture frame.

Have you tried setting display mode for the image to Rendered? This should allow you to print with a vector output and see the title block crisply and the image properly.


this only works if the picture frame is inside of a detail. Which makes zero sense for a layout.

I had the same reaction when I first find out about it, but have gotten used to doing it.

Hey Mcneel,

Can we make a special detail type for images?