Printing images from layout


I am making a set of layouts for a quite large project (almost 2d draft).
One of these layout must include some images.
I am wondering if it is a better choice to put the images on the layout with pictureframe, or put them into the model space with pictureframe and view them on the layout through a detail window…
Does it make any difference in terms of final quality and weight for Rhino?
I am experiencing some slow down with layouts that have more than 4 images…

Rhino 5 64bit latest upgrade
Win 7 64bit,
Intel i7 2600K + nvidia 8800GT, 8 Gb ram

Anyone has an idea?
One by one please :wink:

I don’t think it will make a difference in print quality. I think it might be easier to manage in Layout though.


Thank you very much Pascal.