Dark 'Picture' Image on Layout Page

Hello forum, I have placed an image on a layout page using ‘Picture’, it’s a quick raytraced image from my model using ‘viewcapturetofile’. It looks really dark, it doesn’t look like this when I view it in a viewer outside of Rhino. When I zoom right in on it the picture seems to adjust to the correct brightness, any thoughts ?
edit- when I place the ‘picture’ in model space, then create a layout detail view it displays correctly :thinking:

I am having the exact same issue! I have 3 reference photos that I need to insert into my layout and they are coming out almost black.

Hi, @stevebaer
Same issue here both in V6 and V7 beta. Are you printing to raster? I found if I print to vector though
the image displays dark the image prints to pdf fine but not in raster where it’s either dark or with lines through it.
I sent in a file and am yet waiting to hear about it. Steve any news on this I reported it in the thread bloated pdfs. This looks like a gamma issue with imported images in layout where redraw is failing.

Can you send me a basic sample 3dm that exhibits this behavior? Thanks