Transparent in Picture Frame is black when print out

I have added our company logo to a Layout. Viewing is fine on the screen, but when I print out, the transparent part of the PNG file will become black. Which settings should I change to make the transparent part to print out white instad?

After few hours of testing on different options, I have found that if I change the OutputType=Raster, the transparent area will become WHITE.

Having the same problem, logo is a transparent png image, I’d really like to print as vector, wonder if there is a way to do this ?

they only way i found this is possible through exporting as dxf and opening it in illustrator for example. you can also open it in autocad, i think you said you have it, but i am not sure i had issues once that the u and v direction from its texture where turned 90° but illustrator works for sure.

be aware that the picture frames (surfaces with texture dont work from what i tried) have to be on the top cplane, any other does not work.

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thanks Richard, just would be a lot simpler if you could just use the vector option in Rhino :frowning: