Best laptop computer for Rhino 5

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I am buying Rhino5 to install it on a brand new laptop computer. Would mind recommending me a laptop computer for Rhino5? Any advice? I will mostly use it for jewelry design, little rendering.


Take a look at the links pasted above. These benchmarks are very helpful when comparing specifications of a potential machine.



Thanks a lot!

Personally, I think any higher-speed i7 laptop with a good 3gb video card and at least 8gb memory should do OK. I think nVidia Quadro cards are good; don’t know much about AMD. I like the hi-res Retina display on my 15" MacBook Pro. Similar resolutions are available on some Dell laptops, so don’t overlook Dell.

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take a look here:

To my opinoin the better and slightly cheaper solution to dell and so on.
I am using the E-class since two years now and I have to say, that I never had a computer running so stable and fast.
I can count the crashes of rhino surely with one hand in two years.
Acad crashes as five times much.

Sorry, the page seems to be in german only…


I’m going to, again, put a in a plug for Boxx Technologies. My next laptop will be from them. They build their machines specifically for CAD applications:

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The chassis is the same as the ones bullman uses.
When looking for my one two yers ago, a was searching for an 18.4", that lead me to this chassis.
Unfortunately the 18.4" were not available anymore.


Thanks a lot!
This info is really helpful!

If mobility/power is your point (thus laptop, right?), than you can’t go wrong with a Dell M3800. It’s the only serious beater of MBP 15 w/ Retina. QHD+ screen (w/ touch), Core i7 + Nvidia Quadro all wrapped in AL/CF body + docking station available.

I’m counting days waiting for my 5+ yrs old HP TC4400 to die to have it replaced with this gem.

Good luck!

+1 They are built in Austin and their tech support is excellent.

I need some advice: I’m planning to buy laptop HP ProBook 450 G2. My concern is the graphic card AMD Radeon R5 M255 2GB. Does anybody know would it be suitable for Rhino?

I have this computer and its the best laptop I ever owned … by a long shot. If you are worried that a 15in screen is too small, keep in mind that it has 4K resolution AND will drive and other 4K monitor as well.

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No. AMD Radeon graphic cards are to be avoided now. They do not support Windows OpenGL.

Hi John,

Can you elaborate a little on that statement? I’m running with a Radeon HD8970M
Does that mean I’ve got a bad card for V5 and more important V6?


Take a look a the ATI/AMD section down on this page:

Maybe it’s time for Rhino to support Direct X (again), so people doesn’t have to buy new hardware or turn off the hardware support for a software to work properly. Mabye some eye candy can only be ran in OpenGL, but shaded and wireframe should work accelerated on all hardware IMO.

The stab at DirectX was ages ago when we weren’t sure if OpenGL would survive and keep up. It was a “Labs tool” and never part of the shipping product.

For these cards that don’t support OpenGL like the Radeons, we have always had the option of running with accelerated hardware turned off. Shaded and Wireframe do work.

I’m sure you can understand the reluctance of developing a second display engine, trying to keep it in sync with OpenGL, that would not attract any more users to Rhino. Yes, it would make it less painful for people that didn’t pay attention to the System Requirements when they bought their system to have a better user experience.

It’s particularly hard now for people buying Macs as most of them have Radeons not so a Bootcamp partition isn’t a good option either.

The part that angers me the most is this was a choice by AMD. Good OpenGL drivers can be written for Radeons as Apple has shown.

Can you tell I’m frustrated?

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AA in wireframe on the Radeons and Firepro’s can’t touch the Nvidia cards IMHO. Even with the Mcneel patch, it is/was very inconsistent in its representation of line weight as one zooms in. Curves are even worse. I’m not in a hurry to go back to AMD

Thank you John,

I choose AMD over nVidia because the whole ordeal with nVidia crippling OpenGL of GeForce cards a while back.

So now it seems AMD is guilty of similar tactics ( or am I being paranoid?)

@jeff am I best to avoid Gamer-Cards -be it from nVidia or AMD- for my future hardware?