Best laptop computer for Rhino 5


(John Brock) #21

From my point of view as a Rhino support tech, I think that’s fine but you have an outdated reaction.
Yes, nVidia slows down the GeForce cards when they detect “CAD” OpenGL calls.
AMD didn’t used to for their Radeon cards. In late 2013/early 2014, they “broke” the drivers and problems started to appear. For a couple years, we could tell people to revert to older drivers and/or turn of antialiasing in Rhino to get them working again. Recently AMD took down the link to old drivers.

The AMD FirePro cards (intended for OpenGL), are fast but don’t have good antialiasing.

nVidia Quadro card are expensive and don’t work well with default settings in Rhino V5.

AMD Radeon cards are now unusable. Your only option is to turn off accelerated hardware modes in Rhino.

nVidia GeForce cards while not as fast as they could be, seem to be the best compromise between reliability and price.

Intel HD 3000 and earlier chips are unusable. Turn off accelerated hardware modes in Rhino

Intel HD 4000 and newer chips are slow, but generally are functional with current drivers.

The plan is to make Rhino V6 display aware of newer OpenGL specifications and use the newer specification where possible. The development is being worked on now. So far I haven’t seen any speed improvements in internal testing, but that performance work has not happened yet. It’s just too soon.

Is Rhino 6 optimised especially for Quadro?
(Jeff Lasor) #22

Gamer cards are great when they do what they’re supposed to. However, when there is a problem, the only hope you have is if McNeel can figure out a way around it…and if it’s a driver related issue, that most likely won’t happen. Therefore, buying “Workstation” class cards at least gives you two possible solutions since both NVidia and AMD will help us out, as long as we can prove it’s a problem on their side…but the second I say GeForce or Radeon, I pretty much get the cold shoulder from both vendors.

So if I’m asked “Are Quadros better than GeForces?” or “Are FirePros better than Radeons?”, I’m almost forced to say “Yes!”…but not because the hardware actually performs better, but because they’re a better choice from a customer support point of view…and that’s all I’m going to say on this matter :wink:


I presume you meant “NVIDIA GeForce cards”? :wink:

(John Brock) #24

Yes. Sorry. Fixed.


Graphics cards are not the only bottleneck with Rhino. Case in point, I just tried out a brand-new Nvidia GTX 980Ti card w/6Gb of RAM, replacing my older Quadro 4000 with only 2Gb in my school machine. Result - on the Holomark 2 test, I got about the same score as with the Quadro - only somewhere in the mid-40’s, rather disappointing. My GTX 870 at home on nearly the same setup does a lot better - in the mid-50’s. The difference between the two machines is that on the school machine, the i7 CPU is about a year older (3000 series as opposed to 4000 series). I suspect the CPU/motherboard combo may be the problem in this case.


(Willem Derks) #26

That seems quite a harsh statement from my point of view; I’m running on a Radeon HD8970M and don’t feel it’s as unusable as you state.

However, it might be I’m working with a limping hunchback for a videocard without knowing it.

What type of bad behaviour is expected and @Holo are you aware of holomark being able to show my GPU performance in a relevant way.


(John Brock) #27

When they changed the driver, if you have antialiasing on and are in a shaded display mode, the display gets really weird like you have surface normals reversed.

What is the date of your Radeon display driver?
I’m NOT suggesting you update it.

Back when nVidia first slowed down the GeForce cards, I had a Dell system with a Radeon and worked just fine.


HP has some new mobile workstations coming out they will have apple retina displays and quadro graphics… a good one for you should be HP OMEN Pro mobile. Also note… keep your laptop away from silver and gold dust… it apparently it ***kills laptops fast.


Now that’s an everyday common problem for normal folks! :smile:
BTW So does beer, coke and other conductive materials, so now you are warned!

(Willem Derks) #30

But the ventilation won’t suck in small particles of beer as with metal dust. As for coke; that depends on what coke you are referring to…

(Jeff Lasor) #31

Graphics are not the bottleneck period in Rhino…it’s all in object management. Right now, the slowness of Rhino’s viewports it’s mainly CPU bound not GPU…and we’re working to improve that as best we can.


Hi. I am buying a laptop to run rhino 5. Am looking at an hp ENVY with an nVIDIa GFX 940M graphics card, 8MG memory, 2.4GHz i7 processor. According to your specs pages I have everything I need, but the guy at the store is telling me I need to buy a desktop because of the CPU. I am confused. Any input appreciated.

(John Brock) #33

The sales person is confused.
You show the CPU as an i7. That’s just fine.
The only thing I would consider is perhaps bumping the RAM up from 8 to 16


I’m sure as a potential buyer you’re more up on this than me, but maybe he is referring to the CPU speed? I think that current desktops have i7’s that can get near 4GHz. I believe laptops don’t get that high due to heating, but maybe I’m confused or misinformed. It’s hard to keep up unless you’re actively looking for a new machine and then you have to catch up. :slightly_smiling:
I agree with John on the RAM.


That’s great. I opted for a 16GB i7 gtx 950M. So that’s sorted- thanks for
your help

(John Brock) #36

With a System Registry key addition and copying a manifest file to the folder where 64-bit Rhino V5 lives, you can fix the small icon problem on high resolution monitors.

The details are in this new FAQ support document:

This also fixes the same issue for Grasshopper in 64-bit V5


for jewelers, yep


Hi John - I’ve been reading your post with interest as I am trying to assess which laptop to buy, could you help?
I CAD jewellery freelance.
Running Rhino5,RhinoGold 4.0 (finicky), Adobe Creative suite.
I currently have a Toshiba Satellite P70-A (GeForce GT740M), for 2.5 years, it’s always been a dog of a machine, with consistently inconsistent problems/error messages across the board we’ve tried to check and remedy but just sick of the time/frustration factor now.
Been recommended an ASUS ROG (say, G752VY-GC132T) but it’s got the same specs as my current machine: i7,16GB, 1TB, NVdia (GeForceGTX98-M 4GB). Would there be any point? Except to buy a machine perhaps more CAD oriented and hopefully not a lemon.
Was then looking at the MSI WS72 6QJ-016AU. Only varying spec (apart from perhaps PCIe?) is the Quadro.
But your post.
The thing is, I have no trouble with Rhino, RhinoGold is problematic once you leave the basics, yes, but it’s really the general running of my machine that’s the problem.
Would you have an opinion on this? Thanks very much.


Check out the Dell Precision line. They are beautiful and powerful – AND designed for workstation-class apps. I’ve got one and love it.



Thank you, Dave, but that’s with a Quadro, right? I have a couple of good operators strongly advising against…