Laptop recommendation

I am looking for a powerful PC laptop recommendation that will last and I will be able to render and work in Rhino.
I know the system requirements, I am hoping for recommendations!
-I don’t have the space to build a desktop at the moment which is why I’m looking for a laptop.
-I will be using Rhino7 for Jewellery design.
-I have a decent budget and am willing to spend for the right machine. 4-5k roughly (Canadian)
-I was looking at the Surface book 3, but am not sure if I should upgrade the graphics from Nvidia GeForce to Nivida Quadro. I don’t know if this is a good machine though or if there is better.
-I don’t know much about computer specs yet, so I am hoping this gives enough information for what I’m looking for!

I appreciate any insight or recommendations.
Thank you so much!

Check asus and msi websites , they have many powerful laptops and you can customize the product