Hardware Recommendations - Rhino 5 for Mac

Some Advice on best Hardware options for Rhino 5 for Mac

Hope that’s useful.

sorry for the hard answer but in my view it seems like a advertisement spam.
Also that what you describe on the website looks a little bit like unexact nonsense for me.
I use a 15" MBP an it is totally good for my work on Rhino. It totaly depends what you Rhino using for. I am a Produkt Designer and I doesn’t built skyscrapers with Rhino but complex Products.
In this Forum there many questions about the best hardware configuration for Rhino and for a new system you are a little bit far away from the reality.
a 13" Macbook with 4 cores ist relly good in Rhino. In my university most students works with a 13" System and also the 2012 13" Macbooks are not so bad in Rhino for the most cases also Grashopper that is enough. A 21" Imac also is fast enough for many works with rhino (not Skyscrapers :wink: ).
and you tell every 15" MBP is okay - thats not true a 2006 MBP with a 1.8 dualcore and 2 or 4 GB Ram is a little bit to slow.
by the way my old 13" MBP with a dual core and 4GB RAM is for many Rhino works totally fine.
That what you tell about the graphics card also depends where you want to get out everything. just the intern monitor of a notebook or on two 4K Screens. of course output is not all what the GPU is for but it ist the most important thing for smooth modeling and on a old non retina display some slower GPUs are total fine for smaller and good structured Rhino Models.

If you just want to make an advertisement for your trainings - then tell us this and not show us (in my View) this list of nonsense. sorry

Have to agree with Hugo, I do serious work as a free lance on a limited budget. My models mostly would fit in the palm of your hand, range from components for heating systems, fishing equipment and other hand held devices or parts. I do the designs on a 2014 Mac Mini with 8GB RAM and a 4k TV as monitor plus a SpacePilot Pro. If you don’t need fancy rendering you can get by with a very modest system.

The above model was used to verify changes in design and for use in user and installation manuals.

Thanks for your comments. We created our hardware specifications based on our specific customer base who are predominantly professional users of Rhino (and other design software) often creating complex and demanding models. Having spoken to a good number of Rhino for Mac users many of whom were using underpowered hardware with disappointing results we decided to create a matrix of the current Mac products that we think are most suited to our Rhino for Mac clientele. I believe our hardware advice is broadly similar to that of McNeel in that we are suggesting that Mac machines with dedicated GPU’s are preferable.

It’s also difficult to purchase 2012 MacBooks or 2014 Mac Minis, we hoped to assist those considering Hardware options today.

Apologies for the blatant Training Link, we hope the rest is useful enough to forgive that.

Try PC World, Apple Store or any of the online retailers to buy, hard to get items !!!

personally I find any information and advice from SimplyRhino useful, their tech knowledge and tutorials are great :slight_smile:. I wouldn’t even consider a post by SimplyRhino as ‘spam’.


Following the comments here, we’ve added some notes on our Rhino 5 for Mac Hardware page (linked in first post above) explaining in more detail who our recommendations are aimed at i.e. People looking for Optimal Performance solutions for Rhino 5 for Mac plus in many cases other software such as demanding graphics and / or rendering solutions.

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hehe and have a look to the new mac minis from the presentation today “the monster mac mini” :slight_smile: with a tb3 graphic box faster as an old mac pro :slight_smile:

Hello! looking to replace a late 2013 MacBook connected to a Thunderbolt display, so I’m asking is there are the some updates concerning the hardware recommendations with the current Mac line (iMac, Mac Minis + eGPU or MacBook Pro) Thanks to everyone in advance!