Rhino Vray monster Laptop suggestions

I have been using a macbook pro 2.9 GHZ with integrated graphics card and it has been great but lags on huge scenes. I recently bough a DELL precision m6800 with quad core 2.8 and NVIDIA 4GB 4100m which was great but the monitor sucked giving me pixelated lines at angles etc… Needless to say I returned it.

Now I am in a dilemma. I am a student and need a new monster laptop asap. I am thinking the Dell m4800 with 2.9 GHZ, SSD HD, 16GB RAM, and QHD Screen rather than the normal FHD. Otherwise I’m looking at a BOXX slm 15 or I suppose the new 2.8 GHZ macbook, but it bug me using that keyboard due to the control key. Lastly I will be riding my bike to school everyday. Dell seems like a good option but it’s 6 lbs. Boxx is great cause it has the NVIDIA 2100m but way overpriced. However the Dell is just as much as the macbook pro with the specs.

Any Suggestions? Thank you