Bending a ring surface inside

Hi! I received great help before, thanks! I still need a bit of advice.
I am making a textile-like facade:

Right now it looks like this:

So the textile isn’t “vacuumed” between the beams (which I don’t have yet).
I tried bending the surface and it did something weird. I’m thinking if maybe a curve as an attractor would work (between the “beams”, so current curves), or creating 2 surfaces instead of 1 and then blending their edges together so they’re soft. I don’t know if any of this is a good idea, and I don’t know how to do it anyway. I looked at various tutorials and haven’t found any help.
Thank you in advance.
I’m adding my files:
HALA 0807.3dm (384.1 KB) (38.6 KB)

Creating a GH model won’t work if you don’t understand it.

Yes, I’m working to repair it, I think I moved the upper curve from the vertical things the wrong way so I’m going to redo it using your previous algorithm.
In fact, I actually do not understand anything I’m doing, I barely touched this program, but I am trying my best because I have no other way to make this project than in grasshopper, and in two and a half day. I just need to bend these ring surfaces inwards and I’ll fix the rest

Or anything I’ve been doing for you, apparently? So I’m out :exclamation: Good luck.