Surface help

Hello people. I’m trying to make this architecture piece, the Soumaya museum, in grasshopper. I’m in a hurry and having problems with its surface.Here i have the floor plans. Could anyone materialize it for me using this floor plans as the surface limits please? Thank you very much. (78.0 KB) soumaaaa (92.4 KB)

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Thank you very much Joseph. Tomorrow i have to hand it in and you can’t imagine how helpful you’ve been. Cheers¡

Sorry again, i had to change z values and it seems i’ve touched something wrongly. Could someone fix it please? (119.8 KB)

I got it again, but now problem is there is a surface that is quite strange and surfaces looks strange too. Any help?¡ (119.8 KB)

You’re surface isn’t strange. Since it’s derived from a collection of consecutive curves, you have to look there. The second curve in your collection (index 1) seems to literally step out of line! Take a look:

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As @diff-arch said, you should check your point collections to make sure they have the same z value for points at each level.
My suggestion is you could use 1 z input value for the whole points of each level, rather than each point having each z value. Hard to manage.

Then for lofting, you should make sure curves having same direction and properly seams. (16.7 KB)


Sorry for not saying thanks guys. Quite busy these days because of university. Again, thank you all