Circle bending


I’m very new to Grasshopper and I’m having trouble bending circles. My goal is to create the interior chambers of a nautilus shell and I’m trying to accomplish that by bending the circles that I loft into the pringle shape, folding away from the previous circle. These bend circles will then sit inside the shell I’ve already created. Thanks in advance!

spiral1 (14.1 KB)


i am also very new to grasshopper. and maybe i am wrong. but i am assuming you created circles and then a planar surface?.
I am guessing you would have to start with some other geometry.
if i were you i would creat a sphere in rhino trim it so you have a “shield” sort of geometry. and then use array along curve in grasshopper. but this only an idea by a GH starter :smiley: but maybe worth a try

First things first: Rhino is a surface modeller meaning that it ends where solid modellers start. Meaning that if you want to fully walk the walk on that (fillets et all) … well … hope dies last.

Plus: a def that attempts to do a thing like this is 1% about creating geometry and 99% about constraining results (i.e. making it work regardless of any “wrong” user input).

Anyway get a brief indication on offset BrepFaces matters [the core of the matter] + straight ribs. Later I’ll post a “bended” ribs capability.

spiral1 (16.5 KB)

as always :+1:

Remember Lila? (The freaky girl). She said: I can do the fillet thingy. I said: modelling is kinda riding fast a proper Ducati: Do it wrong > die today. Do it right: die another day.

spiral1 (122.6 KB)


This is slightly better (a proportional rib thickness option added [If thickness < tol then thickness = tol]) … but still is 1M miles away from some real thing.

spiral1 (127.2 KB)