Behavior of Layers Panel with Multiple Layers Selected

One odd, counterintuitive user interface behavior I noticed in Rhino mac is that, if I select multiple layers then click (visible, lock), that Rhino Mac only changes the clicked on layer, not all the selected layers.

I saw a training video today on the PeeCee version and it was demonstrating this action and selecting multiple layers and clicking affects al the layers.

Is this a design feature or a bug?

FWIW, the (right click) context menu works on all selected layers, as you would expect.
If you want to have visibility and/or locking to work on multiple layers, you can also organize those as subs to a main layer. Clicking the icon on the main layer will now change all subs simultaneously.

I think it’s a very annoying bug - glad that somebody mentioned it. I totally forgot…
I fix would be nice :smile: @marlin, @dan


Yes, but I don’t think you should have to do that… I prefer the WinRhino-behavior :wink:


Got that, thanks.


The layers panel uses standard OS X controls, and the described behavior, where a click in one row will affect all selected rows is not supported by Apple’s UI controls. I have looked several times for some way to implement this, but it is not possible with what Apple provides.

That’s very bad news… Any ways around this?


This behavior has changed in the latest RhinoWIP. Give it a whirl. Any better?

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That’s great! Thank you! I’m busy right now, but I’ll test it later and let you know. :+1:


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