Layer Properties Question

In the latest WIP release, is it possible to select multiple layers in the layers window, then, by clicking on either the ‘Display Color’ or ‘Print Color’ swatch of one of the selected layers, change the color of the entire selection? Any advise/insight is much appreciated.

Unfortunately, this is not yet possible in the layer manager (MR-1710).

Thanks for the reply Dan!

Hello Dan
something small [and hopefully simple] regarding the layer panel.
Sometimes, [it seems a bit erratic] there are these very large cursor tips while doing stuff in the layers panel, they tell me which layer is visible, current or some other completely visible and obvious information, the tips cover/hide a couple of layer rows under the cursor, making it at time needlessly unpleasant going through the layers.

is there a way to switch off these tips… i didi’t see an option for this.

with many thanks

Hi Akash-

I’m afraid I don’t know what cursor tips you are describing. Can you please post a screenshot?


here Dan
the cursor tips change depends on which column it is pointing at…
I can’t imagine any one needing/wanting this.
The icons for the two layers below the cursor are completely hidden, for a few seconds for each layer row that is being pointed at.

thank a lot

If there is a feeling the icons are not self explanatory then maybe simply adding titles in the available space above each column… [i PS.ed it here in red just to express my point of view]
is this complicated coding wise…?

many thanks

You are absolutely right, the lack of labels in the columns is a bug to be fixed (MR-1862).

As for the tooltips, this is the first complaint I have heard of this nature. I can see your point…however, what is useless to you might be useful to someone else. OS X provides these tooltips and we provide the content. It is possible to disable them for all applications, some applications, and yes, even some UI components. I realize what you are likely asking for is a setting. These tooltips do not get in my way, esp. when I move the mouse.

Do others feel tooltips in the layer manager are slowing them down or getting in the way?

Not for me, because there is a delay of about 3 seconds* and I never reach this time when changing the visibility.
*could this be my old machine? (MBP 13" 2010, C2D@2,4GHz)

So an option for switching the tooltips on and off would be a nice to have but not relevant.

Not an issue here. By the time they show up I have already done what I have to do to turn the layer on or off before they show up.

I never have them turned on in Preferences / Modelling Aids. Maybe an option for Layers panel there to turn them on or off.