iRhino3d update

Any plan to rework iRhino3d into a more useful application?

1.Top of the list would be the ability to view wire frames.
2. Sketch freehand over top of photos taken with my iPad and save to 3dm format including the photo

As it is now I rarely use it…


I would love the app to be able to preload a model, place a picture behind, reposition, and export that as a png/jpg to email for review.

Only the best laid plans. I’m embarrassed to say that iRhino 3D has become very much a back-burner project. I’m struggling to find time to work on it. The list is piling up.

Variations of these three requests are all on the list. When I do get a chance to devote some time to iRhino 3D, it is spent just keeping up with iOS updates and fixing crash bugs.

Now I’m just complaining.

Knowing that there are people out there who find it useful …and knowing that it’s getting quite stale …both are helpful.


Thanks Dan, I appreciate all the hard work. I’m using the iPad more these days and it would be great if McNeel can find the time to extend Rhino to a tablet and mobile phone format more effectively. Here in China we do a lot more with mobile OS.


Just checking in to see if this app is still alive. I could use it now more than ever. Rendering curves - edges, lights would be my first hope.

Here is an alternative that is still very much a work in progress. It should support curves and edges though

Okay - Got it working on the Mac. Trying on iPad., but it seems to have stalled out. Is this supposed to work on an iPad?

It’s supposed to work on all devices. I just checked with my iPad and it is still working there

Got it working with smaller file size.

Thanks for sharing.

Great; please let us know if anything isn’t working and we’ll see what we can do to improve this app

What I have noticed thus far is the model gets clipped - disappears when I zoom in too close or tumble the view above or below the object. When I turn off shading, some of the wire disappear as well.

View reset would be nice. Object tumbled out of view and now I cannot see anything. Zoom extents doesn’t seem to work. -

Correction that - The object is there. I can view it while rotating object, then it disappears when I take my finger off the screen.

Now I cannot see object again…

I am running this on the 2nd gen 12" iPad Pro.