Shaded / render


So now i have managed to email myself the file, and get it into irhino, i find the model is in rendered view - ie, because i haven’t assigned any materials to the thing, i just get a default grey model, which is basically useless…

And i don’t want to assign materials, since the model is a wip and its for discussion with stakeholders where we are discussing the physical characteristics, not what it might look like…and this process is ongoing…

if the app is able to determine the colour of materials, then surely it cant be hard for it to determine what the shaded colours are I would have thought, but what do I know?

So i guess a work around is to run a script (which I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere before, but cant find it now) to assign material colours based on the shaded colours?
I could run this myself, but another alternative, which might have other benefits, might be to add a command to rhino - something like “Export to iRhino”.
Then the dialog would automatically assign shaded colours to materials, offer other options as may be or may become relevant, export the model to wherever, and then once that was complete, un-assign the materials.
OR, it might not do this automatically, but ask first, or assign temporarily to any objects that didn’t already have materials…
anyway, you get the idea…

I cant help noticing that not many people are actively using this app, at least based on the lack of activity here, and the bugs / shortcomings ive run into in the last few days.
This render / shaded thing was raised a year ago, but nothings happened…
And why has the google drive bug just been unearthed…?


This is fundamentally a good app, its fast, the navigation is good - id hate to see it go the way of penguin, “the ghost who walks” - still seemingly supported, but just really a zombie…

The thing is, if it doesn’t look like someone loves it, isn’t getting tidied up, promoted etc, then people just go away and use something else that is…


(Dan Belcher) #2

We would like to support texture maps and a wider variety of materials in iRhino 3D, but we’re not there yet, unfortunately (see below). This - coupled with a richer set of display modes - make up the most requested features for iRhino 3D.

We have been considering this idea…we agree that it would have many advantages.

iRhino 3D is not getting the attention that it deserves. We have limited resources and we have been allocating them to Rhino 5 for Mac, Grasshopper for Mac, and Rhino 6 for Windows. Unfortunately, development of iRhino 3D is not something that we make money on; in fact, I suppose you could call it a “loss leader” in that regard. That said, I sincerely hope it does not go the way of the “Dodo” so to speak.

Much of the core behind iRhino 3D is open source. We would be delighted to get pull requests and contributions.