Baking vertex colors into bitmap


I would like to convert scanned mesh with colored vertices (archeological stuff) into 3D PDF for publishing on the web. The problem is that I can´t get 3D PDF export to use coloured vertices as a material - there´s only grayscale material in exported PDF.

Is there some other way to turn colored vertices into material - baking vertice colors into bitmap etc?

Attached is a sample of scanned model (mesh resolution is lowered for reasonable file size)…

Mi_77_81.3dm(2.4 MB)


Hi Jan,

What plugin are you using for the 3d pdf export from Rhino? I suspect there is a missing setting which needs to be enabled in that. Can you use the vrml 2.0 format with color data embedded instead. This works here and the Eval of Rhino could be used by anyone wishing to view it too. Cool scan!

Couldn’t resist… this is another Neon render but with Brazil active. You have to add the ‘Brazil Vertex Colors’ texture to the color channel of the material but it gives more definition with the additional GI.

Hi Pif, I made a plugin for a customer that does this.
3D PDF supports vertex color, but it won’t shade it propperly, so the plugin i made splits the mesh, remaps, generates the mappings, remaps the parts etc etc. It is slow and not 100% stable due to some issues in meshsplit and the remapping. But RMA have looked at these issues and are working on remapping now (for v6)

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Great, many thanks guys!


Jørgen, my customer is interested in your solution. He would like to talk with you about purchasing it. Please contact him at:

Petr Kvetina