Texture mapped mesh to vertex coloured mesh

Hi there,
I’m new to Rhino and grasshopper, started working with 3d scan data (point clouds/highly dense mesh with texture png).
I want to analyze the colours on the 3D scan. But for this I need the colours assigned to the mesh vertices. How is this done?

You might want to try ComputeVertexColours, I think.

@Jonathan_Hutchinson, I m trying this one, but it s not showing me any colours…

Hello - if the scan has the texture png assigned, that is, a material on the mesh that has this image as a texture, then ComputeVertexColors should do it - but if the mesh does not have texture coordinates, you’ll need to assign some mapping to it first - - Cylindrical, Planar etc. I suppose this depends on how the image is meant to be applied.



Sounds like that yes…

I guessed rhino did this automatically, as when I load in my scan data, it shows directly the rendered image with the texture map. I don’t really understand how he did it though, as the texture image that goes with the scan is very chaotic -but Rhino did it good.

Then the problem is that I can t find this texture information, I can only view it…


Hi Inge - I am not sure what you mean by this - the ComputeVertexColours command should bake whatever colored pixel is on top of any vertex as a vertex color - if you need to get the per vertex color out, say to a text file or something (?) that will require a script… Can you describe exactly what you need to do?


Some of the formats open up in a browser, like PLY and WRL/VRML.

checkersphere.ply.txt (8.5 KB) checkersphere.wrl.txt (30.1 KB)

Not sure if this would contribute to the goal for @Inge , starting from whatever input and getting something in these formats out.