Exporting textures for 3d printing

I have created a model in Rhino and applied materials and texture in
Maxwell using the plugin, in this case a logo layered over a
material. It renders perfectly. But I want a 3d printing company to
print the model with the requisite color and texture. I cannot figure
out how to export to them successfully. I have exported the model as a
.wrl, but the company is telling me that the file does not work for
them. They are using ColorJet 3D (http://3space.us/colorjet/).

How can I export the texture and color so it can be printed? Any help appreciated.


you might ask the provider first what kind of data and file formats they need. If they are sure their printer can work with textures, do the assignment with Rhino texturing not Maxwell, so you can see the mapping in RenderedViewport. Then export in a format the provider is capable to work with.

Some 3D printers accept colors via mesh vertex colors instead of image textures. If this is the case with your provider, you might first create a dense mesh of your model, then convert (bake) the texture assignment into the mesh vertex colors using the _ComputeVertexColors command. Then un-assign the texture and export using a mesh format which supports vertex colors.


Hi Keith - in Rhino you can use Bake to create a bitmap from all the applied textures, but I doubt it knows about Maxwell textures - I don’t know for sure. If you can replicate the look and placement of the textures using Rhino materials and decals, you might be able to get a bitmap from Bake that WRL export can use. I have not actually tried this process myself…


Thank you. I wish I could do it through Maxwell, which is my preferred renderer.