Bake with attributes in 2024?

Is there any solution for baking with attributes without installing plugins?

Reading attributes and baking them with GH has been on the wish list since forever…

All possible with rhino 8.

Happy to explore any new workflows with this.

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Just googled it to find the link to the attributes and there is also a Content Cache component now, basically like a dynamic bake component. It had totally flown under my radar, but it looks great. I used to use plugins for this purpose.

I especially love that there is both a button, but also an optional boolean input for the component. My prayers have been heard, since both Elefront and Heteroptera decided to go for buttons on the component, which are okay for some super simple scripts, but kind of broke the way Grasshopper should always work (ie. you can trigger stuff from one place and don’t have to hunt for a button on a component somewhere deep in a script).

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Here is an updated guide to the newest Content Cache:

Thanks @scottd ,
Indeed the Model Object component reads the attributes and bakes with attributes.

hmm, what if I want to bake groups?

Yes, no more plugins needed.

Groups are not supported yet. We are trying to determine what to do with them. Essentially groups are named selection sets in Rhino. We are discussing how they can be supported in the new model.

In this case, what are the groups used for in the organization of the objects?

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hi @scottd , in this particular case I have a few thousands of those groups containing curves to be lasercut, directions for the bending machine for each plate and arches to follow.
when grouped it’s easy to select them and move them around (to layout for the CNC cut for example)
I don’t see any other way to manage and manipulate this large ammount of geometry and information.

That makes sense.