Material/Color Bake C#

Dear C# grasshopper developer,

I found an old C# script written by Giulio Piacentino
Color on Geometry_by Giulio (38.7 KB)
, which could baked the geometry with defined colors / material and layers.

However, the Script is quite old which is written in 2011 and it was for Grasshopper 0.8.52

as an C# beginner, its difficult for me to modify it.

could someone have a look at the script and maybe have a clue how to adapt it in rhino 8?
(it works still in rhino 7 somehow)

many thanks in advance

This can be done in Rhino 8 without any additional scripts. Color Material, layers and other attributes.

Would that work in this case?

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I think it maybe a solution.

it would be nice if the script could be modified. trying to learn C# in this case

I might start here if learning C# is something to do:

And then processing Rhino objects into that. Might be easier then trying to re-wriate older code.

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thanks! will look into it!