Baked object with attributes

Hello everyone,
I’m still new to Rhino/Grasshopper. Maybe one of you can help me. :slight_smile:

I try to bake objects, in the way baked objects keeps metadata connected to it

like eg. buildings from OSM/ELK, baked to Rhino will “remember” their heights or point in space will have saved data from external database saying how many people live there.
I know Keys and Values are crucial here.

I work mostly with ELK and eleFront also have data from differnt sources. Maybe you can recommend me something or have a good idea for solution. I went through other topics, I’m sorry if someone else already asked and I missed the answer.
Thank you!

Rhino 8 Grasshopper can do that.

Thank you for the answer!
I didn’t mention it before but sadly, we are still working on Rhino 7 and it won’t change any time soon, so I’m looking for another solution.

For rhino 7, Elefront is used the most.