Badger & V-Ray 3 - custom resolution problem

I’m wondering if anyone has encountered a similar problem.

I’m a long term user of both vray and badger (batch render plugin). Badger is pretty essential to my workflow, but unfortunately since updating to the Vray 3, from version 2, I have hit a problem. Previously I would set the resolution in the ‘render task’ (the blue sphere icon) for a given job, and as long as I didn’t have a resolution selected in the Vray options everything would work just fine. But now in version 3, the settings in the ‘render output’ tab of the vray settings seem to override the other settings. Has anyone else encountered this problem ? see attached screenshot

I think @matt_newberg from Chaosgroup is the one who could help you

I am not familiar with Badger, but if you could run a command before every render you could solve the problem by adding this:

-_RunPythonScript (
from Rhino import *
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
vRay = rs.GetPlugInObject("{E8CFE179-B60C-411A-8416-62A893334519}")


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I think @andy and LBP Development wrote Badger, so perhaps they would also be able to help here.

thanks for the responses, i’ll have look at implementing the script,cheers

Hi matt, I ran the script pre-render. And, as you would expect it took the resolution from the rhino documnent - unfortunately this is only a partial solution, as what I need is for vray to use the settings that i make in badger.

The benefit of setting the resolution within badger is that im able to render a series of views that use the same render settings (excluding resolution) but that might have different resolutions - this greatly reduces the amount of vray settings files that i need to create and manage.

thanks anyway


It has to be done before every render, I was hoping maybe Badger has an option to add commands to run before each render?