Badger & Vray 3.6. Cannot render more than first view

I have Rhino 5 and Vray 3.6. (I was forced to upgrade from Vray 2.0 to Vray 3.6 when my office was broken into and the physical Vray license key was stolen.)

Here is what I used to be able to do with Vray 2.0.

In a worksession with 2-4 files, I would set up about a half dozen layer states that change the visibility of layers throughout the worksession. I need to use worksessions because my models are very very large. I would also establish several named views. In vray 2.0, I would enable batch rendering. In badger I would render all named views in all layer states. I would start it on a Friday afternoon and by Monday morning I would have a few dozen renderings waiting for me.

Since upgrading to 3.6, I have not been able to do batch renderings like this. The built in vray batch rendering tool does not support layer states and does not support worksessions. Badger is the perfect program for this (it’s why I bought it) however I cannot find the global switch to enable batch rendering in vray 3.6. Can somebody please help me find this setting?

I reached out to Badger. Their response is “Hi Elijah, V-Ray is not our product so if you’re having troubles getting Batch Rendering to work with V-Ray, you might want to contact Chaosgroup support. Best regards, Marika Almgren LBP Development”. So I reached out to both of them and posted here. :slight_smile:

Get TeamViewer and work remotely over weekends until you get a decent solution. :frowning:

Sad. My old workflow worked so well. Does anyone know why V-ray would remove this functionality? This cost me hundreds of dollars!

Best you ask at the chaosgroup forum or per email (support@ch…com). They try to get the batch render functionality without to use a manual switch. So, I hope, it will run in the near future again.

I reached out to Chaos via email and have not received a response. I will try their forum. Thanks ::slight_smile:

I emailed Chaos and I posted on the Chaos forum (

The email response was:

Hi Elijah,

Kindly note that there is no global switch for the V-Ray Batch Render and it operates through its own window.

You could solely use V-Ray Batch Render to produce the desired render output by saving individual files of the project with the different layer states and then load those files in the list.

We are not acquainted extensively with Badger, however, it seems to have a similar nature to that of V-Ray Batch Render. If you are to use Badger, is it not possible to render all named views by just setting V-Ray as the render engine?

I have thought of this before. So far I found it so annoying that I haven’t tried it yet.

I agree! Not to mention that my files take 10-20 minutes each to open and I have 4-6 layer states.