Bad graphics with wireframe

I’m getting bad graphics with my wireframe in the wip. Drivers have been updated.

How wide is the whole drawing and whats your tolerance? Are you somewhat close to the world origin?

The object I’m working on is roughly 80 metres.
Tolerance is 0.001
Distance of particular surface to origin is -
dx = -34516.855 dy = 1422.605 dz = -18753.158

Try to move it to the origin and see if the issue persists.

Yes, I still get the same problem if the surface is at the origin.

It does seem to change though if I zoom in or out of the surface no matter where it is.

Not sure if this works on wireframe but you could try the testZBiasFactor command.

Just given that a go but no luck unfortunately.

Hi Rob,
This is a know bug that we have on our list at

Curve drawing got a lot more complicated in Rhino 8 and appears to be failing on some nVidia drivers. I typically do all of my graphics development on Intel since traditionally if I could get things to work there they worked just fine on nVidia and AMD. I’m getting an nVidia based development machine set up to try and track this one down.

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RH-66088 is fixed in the latest WIP.

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