V8: far from origin display issues

Hi guys, I am seeing some strange far from origin behaviours in Rhino 8.
In the file I have one mesh located at real world coordinates and a duplicate copied close to origin.
And I see strange results both in top view and perspective, but different issues.

Top views are of the far from origin object and bottom views are of the close to origin object.
In top view I get a strange low resolution version, and in perspective this gets jittered as well.

(Also note that the top view of the close to origin object gets some strange “height line artifacts” that should not be there)

Here is the file:
V8 far from origin.3dm (5.9 MB)

Edit: I see that I get the same artifacts in V7 if I save the file as v7. So I guess it is an issue that is carried over.

Try deleting the mesh close to origin. I’ve had similar issues before with working with real-world coordinates.

It seems that Rhino can handle geometry at arbitrarily large coordinates as long as all objects are relatively close to each other. It struggles when they are far apart as in your case, though.

Thanks, but I obviously don’t work with objects at both places :smiley: The problem occurs even if that is the only object in the file. And the one at origin is just there to show the difference.

@dale and @jeff can you take a look at this?

Can something be done to make the graphiccard handle situations like these in Rhino?

Is this different than the “far from origin” issues which have been discussed multiple times previously?

@Holo - I’ve logged the issue so a developer can have a look.


– Dale

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I guess the quick answer to that is “Partly”. As this is also related to how Rhino handles objects and floating numbers far from origin. But while the other threads mainly focuses on how the actual geometry gets jaggy and wobly, this relates to the texturing, where the images in the textures gets odd dithering and apparently lower resolution when they are on an object that is far from origin.