Severe grafic issues!

i am wondering why no one else reports similar problems. our agency bought four licenses lately, installed on four different PCs. all have severe grafic issues. one does always crash immediately when switching to raytraced mode. the other one doesn t show curves in any/all display modes except wireframe mode. another one misses geometry when activating raytraced mode. mine does this in arctic mode: see images attached

there are countless other bugs. but these grafic issues are honestly very severe for professional workers!

rhino 6 is great! we bought it because of the awesome display engine. it is very efficient and time saving for visualisation purposes!

i have never ever seen such a buggy release in the whole rhino history!!!
do you sell WIPs now?

we need immediate solutions. we can t work like that…


Post the outcome of the SystemInfo command here. Most likely this will tell us that you need to update your GPU drivers.

The Rhino command _SystemInfo that is. Not SystemInfo from a powershell

@CJ_DE I would be most interested in the outputs of Rhino command _SystemInfo from the machines that crash when switching to Raytraced. And it would be helpful if you can share a model that shows the mentioned Raytraced problem with me. You can use with as recipient.

Thank you in advance,


cj_sysInfo.txt (1.9 KB)
ws0444_sysInfo.txt (1.5 KB)
mp_sysInfo.txt (1.4 KB)

will check gpu updates next week…
sry we can t share our files.

The drivers in your machines definitely need updating. The oldest (mp_sysinfo) is from 2013, and the other two have drivers from 2016.

Please update, and let us know if that improves your experience.

edit: you can use for Windows 10 and for your Windows 7 machines. The driver installers supports all three device models you have.


driver updates did eleminate most issues but not the shifted or displaced textures/materials shown in arctic mode (see pics above).
switching from fullscreen to 4view and back does solve the problem though…


You shouldn’t be seeing any textures in Arctic mode. At all.

  • Andy

sure… just configured display modes. but problem does also occure in b/w!