Rhino 8 WIP crashing when drawing

I downloaded the latest Rhino 8 wip (8.0.22088.20305) on a macbook pro 16 2019 running W10 on bootcamp. I can open rhino 8 wip but when I try to draw any curve or surface it crashes. It doesn’t crash when I draw points or meshes.
I wanted to try GH2 but it also crashes when displaying curves.

I’ve got exactly the same problem (same hardware config.) which I’m shouting for about 3 months now. There is no solution yet, except to work in a safe mode.
I have disabled almost all Rh and 3rd part plugins, still crashing.
If you get it working, please let me know!

Hi Piotr
Try disabling “gpu tesselation” on the openGL settings, under “view”, in rhino’s options.
I did a bunch of things but I think that’s the one that solved the problem

@Piotr does disabling “gpu tessellation” also get rid of the crash for you? Your crash reports did look GPU driver related.

Praise the Lord! That was it, I can enjoy WiP again.
Any clue why this thing was causing crashes?

The curve drawing code in Rhino 8 that runs on the gpu is magnitudes more complex than Rhino 7. We’ll either need to find a work around for the driver issue you are seeing or hope AMD can fix this

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